Basketball: Real is considering leaving the domestic league - Sport

  • In Spanish basketball Real Madrid is considering withdrawing from the domestic league because they are dissatisfied with the referees.
  • In the cup final against Barcelona it comes to curious scenes – in the end, the Royal awakening on awkward.

When the Chaos finals of the Spanish Royal Cup were decided in favor of FC Barcelona, ​​Svetislav Pesic shook hands diligently. He shook it to anyone who liked, limping from fan to fan with his typical rogue grin before disappearing into the cabin. Pesic, who will be 70 this summer, once again won a title with all his coaching skills: his FC Barcelona are again Cup winners of Spanish basketball.

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The only question is: How on earth did this triumph take place this Monday, with dramatic depictions like that of the newspaper Marca led? There it says, the output of the Clásicos between Real Madrid and Barça is "the biggest scandal of Spanish basketball history". Scandalous they find on the part of the Royal especially the referees. They had twice capitalized at the 94:93 extra time in extra time – and once favored both teams.

Huge polemic in the extension

It was a high class, thrilling endgame of two of Europe's best teams. A game like a heavyweight fight. The Clásico of basketball is based on the same rivalry as in football, including all known bites. Barcelona had caught up with a huge gap and repeatedly looked like the winner, but Real came back again and again. After Sergio Llull had rescued Madrid with the last throw in extra time, the two scenes took place, which now cause great commotion.

When Barcelona's Chris Singleton headed to basket in a quick attack, Real's Anthony Randolph clearly hit him from the back. A foul that barely missed one in the hall, but the whistle stayed out, the game went on. Instead, the Royal used the counter-attack to a basket and took the lead to 93:92. Already this action had the excitement, but it was followed by an even bigger: Barcelona brought in his last attack a few seconds before the final siren Center Ante Tomic under the basket in position, whose laymaker again fended off the American Randolph.

An outstanding block, in fact, where Randolph pressed the ball with his hands on the board. The scene should have been the correct rule interpretation of the victory for Real, but the referees decided in the view of the video images differently: "Goaltending". They had seen that the throw was still averted in the climb – and gave the two winning points for Barcelona. This concession decision of the gentlemen's referees filled the royals with anger. Captain Felipe Reyes was hard to control on the way to the locker room. "Thieves, they damned us, it sucks," roared the 2.06-meter veteran through the catacombs, "it's a shame!"