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  • Niko Kovac expresses himself at the press conference before the Bundesliga match against Mainz also to the tactic of Bayern in a 1: 3 against Liverpool.
  • "The approach in Wednesday's game was exactly the same as it was against Gladbach and Wolfsburg – we scored eleven goals," he says.

Bayern coach Niko Kovac has defended his tactic from the game against Liverpool. "The approach in the game on Wednesday was exactly the same as against Gladbach and Wolfsburg – because we have scored eleven goals," said the coach two days after the 1: 3 in the Champions League at a press conference of Munich. "The starting height was exactly the same," he said, referring to his team's "round about 60 percent possession". This "kept the game open until 20 minutes before the end". Rather, Kovac referred several times to the strength of Liverpool.

After the game on Wednesday had Robert Lewandowski criticized the alignment. In an interview with former Bundesliga player Jan Aage Fjörtoft, who now works for Norwegian television, he said: "We played too defensively in both games." And: "We did not put pressure on the front, did not play any chances, we did not risk much at home." Mats Hummels had noted after the game that his team had a "certain style of play, which does not always lead to pressing teams to one hundred percent success." At the same time he defended Niko Kovac: "I have to defend the coach, the coach often demands that, but it does not always work as well as he would like to see us on the pitch."

"I think there was nothing against my person now"

On Friday, before the Bundesliga game against Mainz 05 (Sunday, 18 clock), Kovac was asked for the comments of his players. He referred to the "disappointment" that was "great after the game": "And if you do not get enough balls as a striker or have to start the balls that you get against two blocks of two meters, then it's not quite there And that's perfectly normal that the disappointment is there. "

On renewed demand, whether the chosen words of Manuel Neuer, Hummels and Lewandowski were in order, Kovac replied: "So I think there was nothing negative, if the Lewi felt that way, that's okay, I think it was there Nothing against my person now, that was his feeling in the end. "

Furthermore, Kovac said, "I do not know what he's saying with Manu, and with Mats, I think he also mentioned that we're addressing certain things, or myself, that were not implemented in the form, but it It's not that the guys did not want to do that, but it's the fact that there really is a really good opponent on the other side, and you have to keep that in mind, it's not that the boys do not want to, in that case they could not because the opponent made it really great. "

Champions League Lewandowski falls back to ancient times

Lewandowski falls back to ancient times

The attacker practices after the Liverpool game system criticism in which he does not occur. At the 1: 3 he has some eye-catching scene – but it turns out, what distinguishes him from a striker like Cristiano Ronaldo.By Benedikt Warmbrunn


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