Before 8 December: the call to calm celebrities – Jforum

Stéphane Bern, Cyril Hanouna and Thierry Lhermitte have signed a platform to calm the spirits before 8 December.

One hundred and seventy-five citizens whose personalities such as Cyril Hanouna, Thierry Lhermitte or the former Miss France Sonia Rolland launched a call to rest on Friday, December 7, at the site of Parisianfor the day of action yellow coats Saturday.

“Right now, when everyone takes his breath in the perspective of what might happen this Saturday, we say solemnly: it must stop and the dialogue must take over.”, the signatories start.

Among them are the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, the former CEO Henri de Castries, Maurice Lévy and Jean-Marc Janaillac, the lawyer Jean-Pierre Mignard, the demographer Hervé Le Bras, the chairman of the Cannes Film Festival, Pierre Lescure, the journalists Guillaume Durand, Bruno Masure, Aida Touihri.

Stéphane Bern, who heads a heritage mission for the government, and Christophe Girard, deputy mayor of Paris, have also signed the notice of appeal.

“The world is great again”

“It’s time to talk, to listen, to understand each other. (…) The government must reach out, yes,” underline the signatories. “The message that tries to manifest itself behind the unprecedented social movement of yellow vests (…) must be heard, because it must now be able to express itself through discussion”.

“Surprise the world again, by showing her the ability to turn anger into a debate, to bring the demands into concrete solutions and to reconnect with what we are, France as such”, conclude the signatories of the appeal.

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