Benalla affair: Gérard Collomb admits that he & # 39; alone & # 39; has felt

We knew that Gerard Collomb was annoyed by the Benalla affair, he now declares loud and clear. At the invitation of Wednesday 1 in the morning of Europe 1, the former Minister of the Interior answered questions from Audrey Crespo-Mara. He acknowledged that the affair that rocked the Elysee palace in July greatly contributed to his decision to leave Place Beauvau. "I felt a bit lonely in the face of the slip, which was initially small, of a person, he acknowledged, and it is clear that I did not count on going to the Ministry of the Interior for such stories. He continues: "For me, a minister of the Interior is someone who guarantees the mission of the Republic for everyone. "

Gérard Collomb was heard in the Benalla case by the committee of inquiry of the National Assembly on 23 July. He then felt that he had fulfilled his duty by informing the cabinet of the President of the Republic and the police headquarters of the actions of Alexandre Benalla during the demonstration of May 1 in Paris. But the former minister was criticized by one party of the opposition for violating Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure by choosing not to inform the public prosecutor directly of the alleged violations committed by the chargé de mission. on the Élysée. The former tenant of the Place Beauvau is a little bit shocked today because he "has been confronted with this investigation, in which suddenly there are one million three hundred thousand people who witness you for a story that does not affect you in any way.

The former Minister of Home Affairs has continued his warning about the situation in some areas in Europe. "We have typed a certain number of neighborhoods and the situation will degenerate", he warns.

To conquer the metropolis

The man is now the mayor of Lyon, but with less enthusiasm than in 2014. The town council has been re-elected with seven votes less than in 2014. The former tenant of the place Beauvau said to have no regrets in the Paris columns. When he admits that "it is difficult to leave a job," he admits that his city has failed him. "I got criticism because I often came back when I was in Beauvau, but I had to give a few weekends to my daughters, who are 10 and 14 years old! And then Lyon, what a beauty! He explains it daily.

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Gerard Collomb has a new challenge: the city, in addition to reclaiming his city. But this will happen without the LREM label. "Concerning each of my campaigns, I will present a rally list, composed of people from the Republic in March, but also the MoDem, left or right republicans and civil society," he explains. . The mayor of Lyon today acknowledges that his relations with the head of state have increased somewhat, even if it "happens" to speak with the president.