Bill proposed to end summer time in West Virginia - WHSV

A bill proposed on Thursday in the Senate of West Virginia could mean that no longer emerges and falls back into the mountain state.

Senator Sue Cline (R-Wyoming) presented the bill.

Proponents of the law say that they find it a great idea because they do not like how it gets dark so early in the fall. They also state that the original reasoning for the time changes, established in 1916, is now out of date.

Those who say it would be very confusing if neighboring states such as Kentucky and Ohio fall back, but West Virginia does not.

A similar law was presented last year in Virginia, but submitted indefinitely.

It would have made Eastern Standard Time the standard time in Virginia throughout the year.

A separate law proposed by Delegate Richard Bell (R-District 20) this year would have asked the Secretary for Trade and Trade to investigate the effects of observing daylight saving time and the consequences of a decision to abolish it.

However, the House Committee on Rules voted unanimously to remove the measure from the role.

Some states do not follow summer time. Arizona and Hawaii do not, and Indiana did not do that from the 1970s until 2005. The American territories of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the northern Mariana Islands do not.

The account of West Virginia has not yet been voted.


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