Bioethics, convince MEPs - the cross

The government will organize before the revision of the bio-ethical law "Thematic seminars" parliamentarians.

How can it be prevented that the debate on bioethics ignites, in an extremely tense social context? In an e-mail sent to all parliamentarians on Friday, January 11, the services of Benjamin Griveaux, spokesperson for the government, announce the organization of "Thematic seminars" to present to delegates and senators the topics developed during the review of the bioethics law, programmed in the coming months. Purpose: to allow a parliamentary debate "The most informed and the most peaceful possible", we can read in this note, which mentions "Questions of formidable complexity". A letter was also sent by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe to the Presidents of the Senate and the National Assembly. These seminars will be divided into four themes: reproduction, descent, genetic diagnostics and embryo research. However, nothing is announced at the end of its useful life or the management of the use of algorithms in the field of health. The sessions are moderated by the administrations and take place every week from the end of January until the end of February, in the presence of the three ministers concerned: Agnes Buzyn (health), Nicole Belloubet (justice) and Frédérique Vidal (higher education).

The timing of the presentation of this text to the Council of Ministers remains vague. Agnes Buzyn said on January 9 that the government project would be published during the "First quarter", the note sent to parliamentarians is vaguer and mentions the "First semester".

The government's invitation is not always well received in the Assembly. Some MEPs stress that the bioethics mission has already examined 150 experts of all kinds. They will report this week, Tuesday, January 15th.

Wolf Besmond de Senneville