Brazil. The Bolsonaro government contradicts itself and irritates its allies

In just ten days in office, the new president and his team have returned to a series of announcements and measures. Leaders of Allied government parties expect Jair Bolsonaro to restore order in his troops.

The announcements followed by backmars marking the election campaign of Jair Bolsonaro also seem to set the tone in the first days of his presidential term.

Since the inauguration of the new head of state, he and his team have distinguished themselves through a series of contradictions, both politically and economically, but also in the areas of security and education.

"In his first nine days, Jair Bolsonaro returned to at least nine decisions announced by his government, averaging one decrease per day, illustrating the lack of planning at the first level. [de son équipe] and the scattered and modest personality of the president


Morgann Jezequel