Brexit, candidate Loiseau, Renzi annoyed ... What to remember from the passage of Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, MP, President of the National Front, screenshot of the "Political Emission" on October 19, 2017 – Screenshot France 2 Political Emission

Very active in the National Gathering Campaign for
Europeans, Marine Le Pen was Thursday night the guest of "The Political Emission" on France 2. On the program, the Brexit, the "yellow vests", debates and even a surprise of the Minister Nathalie Loiseau. We summarize the evening.

Brexit: Marine Le Pen welcomes British observance of "the will of the people"

Marine Le Pen was questioned on one of the political facts of the day: the vote of the British deputies in favor of a postponement of the date of the Brexit as well as for a new vote on the agreement of withdrawal of the European Union. The president of the RN welcomed the fact that parliamentarians voted "against the holding of a second referendum", thus respecting "the will of the people". For the rest, the front-runner expressed confidence that an agreement will finally be reached with the EU. "We have the feeling of a strategy where the two cars are heading towards each other and it is the one who will deviate at the last moment".

The big debate: "It's not a success"

After two months of exchanges, it is Friday the end of the national debate launched by Emmanuel Macron. A success as the government says? "They can not say it's a success. There are 60,000 people who came to contribute to the site [330.000 contributions ont été déposées]. 9 out of 10 people do not want to come to Citizens' Conferences. It's not a success. In fact, we can see that the president does not know how to get out of this big debate, "replied Marine Le Pen, adding:" The mere fact of debating is not in itself enough. What is needed is the power heard.

"Yellow Vests": No amnesty for thugs

Marine Le Pen responded to the violence with the "yellow vests" demonstrations: "Violence against the police can not be amnestied. Things are very clear. But some have been condemned for having in their trunk a mask to protect themselves from tear gas. The president of the RN said she was shocked "that the Minister of Justice gave instructions to the prosecutor. I did not understand this desire to take revenge against these French people who sometimes came down for the first time in the street, "denouncing" a police and judicial repression to end the movement with fear. "

Fencing with Matteo Renzi

In duplex from London, the former president of the Italian Council exposed his vision of Europe. But very quickly, the tone is up. "Mr. Salvini won thanks to you and your policy. They tested and they did not like. It is said that you look a lot like Emmanuel Macron, I pray for that, so that he will be beaten one day as you have been, "said the frontist. Response from the person concerned: "Mrs Le Pen, I have lost a few times, but you are still losing. You are the political woman with the most defeats.

Nathalie Loiseau is a candidate!

The Minister of European Affairs first wanted to point out the contradictions of the RN: "You do not say things the same way anymore. I do not understand why you are masquerading, that you do not tell the French that you want to leave the EU and the euro. Then, it was the surprise of the chef, at the end of the show. "Well done, you managed to change my mind. I entered this stage and I told you, I'm not a candidate to lead the list of the majority in the European, "she began, triggering the laughter of Marine Le Pen.

"So tonight, I'm ready to be a candidate, I do not know what the majority will think. But this time, I will not miss, "said Nathalie Loiseau. " This is very cute. But it was not hyperspontane, "quipped the front-end president.

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