Brigitte Macron & # 39; s brother, Jean-Claude Trogneux, has passed away

Jean-Claude Trogneux, the older brother of Brigitte Macron, died Friday, November 9 in Amiens (Somme), reports the local newspaper The echoes of Touquet. According to this newspaper, Jean-Claude Trogneux, like the presidential couple, had his habits in the seaside resort of Pas-de-Calais. Former boss of the chocolate factory in Trogneux, he was 85 years old.

The brother-in-law of the president of the republic is buried in Amiens on November 13, in family intimacy, reports the Courrier Picard. According to the regional daily newspaper, the eighty-year-old was ill and had seen little in the city in recent months.

The Courrier Picard tells this anecdote: Jean-Claude Trogneux has regularly contributed to the e-mail readers of the newspaper. A custom he gave up in May 2017 when his brother-in-law Emmanuel Macron was elected President of the French Republic.

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