Budget dispute: Budget lock becomes the longest in US history

The stoppage of parts of government business under US President Donald Trump is now the longest in the history of the United States. At midnight (US East Coast time, 6:00 am CET), the previous record of the 21-day "shutdown" of 1995/1996 has been broken. At that time could
Republicans and Democrats do not agree on the "Medicare" health insurance.

The current budget lock began on December 22nd. The cause of the dispute is the budget demanded by Trump for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. Around 800,000 government and federal government employees have to work without pay or remain in forced leave. As the funding of the State Department is affected, this also applies to US embassies worldwide.

Trump has threatened to impose a "National Emergency" should the Democrats not clear the funds for the construction of the Wall. Such a declaration of emergency gave the president far-reaching powers – he could try to arrange for the construction of the wall without the approval of the congress.

On Friday, Trump relativised his statement first. An emergency declaration is the "simplest solution", but he will not resort to this remedy immediately, said the president in the White House. If Congress does not agree on some funding for the wall, he'll resort to the measure. The Democrats have threatened resistance in this case. The case could lead to a lengthy lawsuit in court.

Even the White House can not work full-time. According to an emergency plan of the government headquarters of the 359 full-time employees only 156 may come to work. Your areas are considered essential.