Budget dispute: Donald Trump does not want to declare a state of emergency for the time being

In the dispute over the US budget President wants Donald Trump For the time being, do not declare the national emergency. This would be an "easy solution" for him, but he would not do it "so fast", said the US president.

In recent days, Trump has repeatedly threatened to declare a state of emergency in order to obtain the US $ 5.7 billion required to build the wall on the Mexican border, bypassing the Congress. On a visit to the border on Thursday, he said he has the "unqualified right" to declare a state of emergency and wants to "see what happens" over the next few days.

The illegal immigration, the smuggling and drug smuggling Trump described as a "security crisis", for the fight against the wall is urgently needed. The opposition Democrats deny that such a "crisis" exists and call the wall superfluous and immoral. Since the beginning of the year, the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, one of the two Congress chambers.

The dispute over raising funds for the construction of the border wall has hitherto prevented the adoption of a new budget law. Since December 22, authorities have been paralyzed.

The food stamps could be scarce

The so-called shutdown affects around 25 percent of the federal authorities and about 800,000 federal employees. 420,000 of them have to continue working despite the financial lockup, as their work is considered indispensable. The remaining around 380,000 were sent on forced leave.

Although the salaries are paid retrospectively, many sufferers lack the savings to cover the time until the next payout. In February, the food stamps could be scarce, with which the
Ministry of Agriculture 38 million poor families in the US
supported. According to information from the US media, the emergency funding granted by Congress is only enough for the first two-thirds of the month.