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From Sebastian Fischer, Nuremberg

Jadon Sancho handed it now, so he struggled. Sancho is one of the attractions of the season in the Bundesliga, he has scored seven goals for Borussia Dortmund, prepared eleven, has dribbled past opponents who were completely helpless, and it always looked like lightness and fun. But now, on Monday evening in Nuremberg, the young Briton did not seem to understand, and most of all, did not want to accept what was going on. For the second time he wanted to play a corner. And for the second time, the Nuremberg fans, who protested against the kick-off time on Monday night, pelted him with black tennis balls. Angrily, he threw a ball back into the curve.

Jadon Sancho is only 19 in March, but on Monday evening, when Dortmund 0: 0 against bottom club Nuremberg, he has already aged a bit. Anyway, he's gotten an experience richer. He now knows what it's like to feel the burden of the favorite in cool German February, to prove his class against a stubbornly defending team – but to be unable to meet the expectations for the time being. Dortmund are still leading the league, but their lead over FC Bayern, who once scored nine points, is only three. And BVB has not won in the meantime for five games. "It is difficult at the moment," said goalkeeper Roman Bürki in a TV interview: "The power is missing and the body: we are often inferior."

In phases in which victories are missing, German football is quickly talking about a so-called crisis, and the corresponding catchword is trying to elicit protagonists from cameras and microphones. "I ask for a realistic assessment of the situation," said Sebastian Kehl, the former Dortmund professional, who has been responsible for the management of the licensing team since this season: "We have a very young team, we had an extremely positive run There will sometimes be phases in a season in which things do not go that well, in which there is sometimes a small break, we can not free ourselves from that, and nobody went out of it either. " The only question is how big this Knicks can be.

Already the 15th cast of a four-string this season

Prior to the game, it was mainly the suddenly vulnerable Dortmund defense that was talked about. When leaving the DFB Cup, the 3: 3 against Hoffenheim and the 0: 3 at Tottenham Hotspur, which will probably mean the end of the Champions League season in the second round, BVB collected three goals. In Nuremberg coach Lucien Favre already set the 15th cast of a back four in the defense. The still injured Manuel Akanji represented in the middle of this time Julian Weigl, the recently formally weak, before standing outright right-back Achraf Hakimi of summer actually committed as right-wing out of Frankfurt Marius Wolf. The defense at least worked. Except for Nuremberg's Hanno Behrens, two header chances were never dangerous in the Dortmund penalty area. But that was also due to the disciplined defensive style of Nuremberg, whose interim coach Boris Schommers had announced to defend more than against the ball.

No, on Monday it was about the so exciting offensive in the first round, which now has been going on for three games without their most exciting player, Marco Reus, who was injured with a hamstring. Dortmund attacked patiently in the first half, tried to get past the Nuremberg defense with short passes, Mario Götze awarded three good chances in the first half. In the second half it tried BVB more often with flanks, the substitute Paco Alcácer shot off shortly before the end, but it lacked the really targeted combinations. Favre said in the press conference of "many positive things," praising praise dominance (17: 7 shots on goal) and ball possession (72 percent). When asked if he was worried, he laughed and asked, "Why?"

But the Swiss, whose performances after games can confuse his audience ever, also expressed a clear criticism: His offensive players would have to go in such games "more with the ball, not just with passports", he was "more spontaneity" in the last One third wished, more creativity, something that Reus was responsible for. Whether the captain returns to Leverkusen on Sunday is still open. "I think that will definitely be a close story," Kehl said.

The second big creative in the BVB attack is Sancho. And he tried to prove this in Nuremberg too. After a foul by Lukas Mühl he could have gotten a penalty, once he tunnelled his opponent that even the otherwise silent in protest protesters whispered, he also dribbled in all directions, won most of his duels, only on goal he did not shoot. But it is expected that he will do it again soon. He is not every week dozens of tennis balls and eleven Nürnberger in the way.

Bundesliga Suddenly the last one is at eye level

Suddenly the last one is at eye level

The league leaders Dortmund does not come out against a self-sacrificing racking Nürnberger over a 0-0. The fight for the championship title against Bayern is now reopened.By Sebastian Fischer