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  • After lengthy public discussions, the Bundestag passes the coalition compromise on Article 219a.
  • Doctors, hospitals and other facilities may inform in the future that they perform abortions.
  • Previously, the Bundestag had decided on the digital pact. The federal government wants to equip schools with digital devices and educational software for five billion euros.

Pregnant women can find doctors for abortion easier than before. The Bundestag has decided on Thursday to the controversial reform of Article 219a of the Criminal Code. Accordingly, physicians may in the future – say on the Internet – specify that they make abortions. For further information, however, they must also refer to official bodies in the future. This was criticized by doctors, victims and parts of the opposition.

It also introduces a central, monthly updated list of doctors, hospitals and other facilities that will stop. It should be published by the Federal Center for Health Education on the Internet and also list which methods the respective doctors use for abortion. In addition, young women get the contraceptive pill longer than before – until the age of 22 – paid by the health insurance.

Bundestag also decides on digital pact

Earlier, the Bundestag decided on Thursday, the Digital Pact, a constitutional amendment, inter alia, for the digitization of Germany's schools. The relevant law received by a final vote on Thursday a majority of 574 of the 648 votes cast. With no, 74 deputies voted. Thus, the necessary two-thirds majority was achieved as expected. Previously, all factions had voted except the AfD.

The basis was an agreement in the mediation committee of the Federal Council and Bundestag on Wednesday evening. The state chamber is to agree in mid-March.

The federal government can now help countries easier financially

Then five billion euros of federal funding for the equipment of schools with digital devices and learning programs flow, two billion for new social housing and a billion for rail transport.

The amendment to the Basic Law is intended to make it easier for the Confederation or to help countries in those areas in which they are responsible. The AFD had failed with a request to cancel the vote.

Health Policy That's what the 219a compromise is all about

That's what the 219a compromise is all about

The Bundestag decides on the information ban on abortions. Where do those affected find information in the future? And what does the clause have to do with the Third Reich? Answers to the most important questions.By Jana Anzlinger


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