Bundeswehr: A shame

Again, the Bundeswehr is shaken by right-wing extremism cases. Whoever diminishes such an attitude should have no place in the troop.

Comment by Joachim Käppner

When Ursula von der Leyen of the Bundeswehr in 2017 certified a "attitude problem", it was about allegations of right-wing extremism and massive harassment of subordinates. The defense minister even set up its own complaints office for those affected. Quite a few officers felt that they were under general suspicion of not taking unworthy treatment of soldiers seriously enough. And it is fair to say that such cases are really not the order of the day in an army of more than 180,000 people.

Maybe the minister should have said: In the Bundeswehr is there a posture problem. It is the problem of a minority – but with disastrous consequences for the troop's reputation. And thus a sure way, many young people not even tempted to go voluntarily to the Bundeswehr. Ironically, the elite command special forces (KSK) is shaken by two cases in which supervisors have apparently behaved right-wing extremists, one should be close to the "Reich citizens" and have noticed years ago by mobs in Nazi jargon.

At least the leadership is now cracking harder; a new reporting system and the use of military intelligence MAD seem to work. Something is happening, late, but hopefully not too late. Right-wing extremism and mobbing are a shame for the Bundeswehr – whoever wants to understand this or not, should have no place in the troop.

Bundeswehr Bundeswehr suspended officer for Reich citizens suspicion

Bundeswehr suspends officer because of Reich citizens suspicion

Daniel K., lieutenant colonel in the elite unit KSK, should be close to the right-wing scene, he was forbidden to wear the uniform. The soldier has long been in the sights of the Military Shielding Service.