Bundeswehr: In 2018 7 extremists were unmasked by the troops - domestic policy

In the Bundeswehr, seven extremists were detained last year according to a media report.

According to the newspaper of Funke Mediengruppe, stating statistics from the Military Foreclosure Service (MAD), these are four right-wing extremists and three Islamists.

According to them, disciplinary or personal legal proceedings were carried out, most of which left the Bundeswehr.

● According to the report, 270 cases of right-wing extremism were recorded in MAD last year. That is more than 100 less than in the previous year (2017: 379).

● There were more cases of suspicion in the area of ​​Islamism: if there were 46 in 2017, the number would increase to 50 in 2018.

● The number of cases in the Reichsburgs / self-government sector fell from 36 to 20 years on year and from 12 to 2 in the area of ​​left-wing extremism.

● According to the report, there was an increase from 22 to 35 in the field of non-Islamist foreign extremism. By this we mean: followers or members of extreme right-wing or extreme-right foreign organizations or individuals with separatist ambitions, b. PKK.

The MAD is the smallest German secret service. His duties in Germany include the repression of espionage and sabotage in the Bundeswehr and the investigation of soldiers for extremist attitudes and activities.


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