Bundeswehr suspends Reich citizens for the first time | TIME ONLINE

The Bundeswehr
 has for the first time a so-called Reich citizen
suspended. He was noticed as an extremist. The Federal Ministry of Defense confirmed a report of the Mirror, Accordingly, the man through the military shielding the armed forces recognized as an extremist and removed from service. Formally he got loud mirror In early February imposed a so-called uniform wear ban.

According to the magazine, the Marines from Niedersachsen was in civilian in July 2016
Life noticed. At that time he applied to his county place
normal personal papers a citizenship certificate. The competent authority then withdrew his gun license. He complained and lost. In court, he made it clear that he does not accept the Federal Republic as a state. The court reported the case of the Bundeswehr, which took over military intelligence.

The so-called Reich citizenship movement does not recognize the Federal Republic
on. Many of their supporters reject the protest in protest
 government identity papers. They usually carry self-made documents with them. The protection of the constitution has been observing the Reich citizens since autumn 2016. The scene is growing; the constitutional protection authorities of the federal and state governments now count 18,000 people.

The case of the Marines is the first of the Bundeswehr suspended Reich citizens. General right-wing extremist soldiers have been removed several times from service: in 2018, according to a previous one mirror– Report dismissed four soldiers who "made efforts to eliminate the free basic order," because of a right-wing extremist classification. In 2017, there were six people. The information of the magazine
 However, since 2013, there are also "about ten" more
"Suspects with extremist attitude" unmasked and
have been reported – per year.


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