California Forest Fires: Nine killed when the flame burns City Village

At least nine people have died in northern California. Most people have burned according to the authorities in a city of about 30,000.

Only one day after the rapid fire began, the flame near the city of paradise had grown to nearly 140 square kilometers and had destroyed about 6,500 buildings. Three bodies were found outside their homes, one in one house and several in cars, said Buttesheriff Kory Honea. He said that the number is likely to grow.

"There was really no gunfight," said Captain Scott McLean of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. He explained that the crew gave up the attack on the flames and instead helped to keep the people alive. "These firefighters were in rescue mode all day long."

With fires in Southern California, civil servants burned the total number of people displaced from their homes to 157,000. The evacuation orders covered the entire city of Malibu, home to 13,000 people, including some of Hollywood's biggest stars.