Candidate Trump to Supreme Court rejects accusation of sexual assault

Candidate Trump to Supreme Court rejects accusation of sexual assault

Brett Kavanaugh, candidate from Donald Trump to the Supreme Court, categorically rejected information indicating that he had tried Sexual violence to a young When I studied the baccalaureate more than 30 years ago.

In a statement released to the American press, Kavanaugh, currently 53, rejected the accusations of women – facts in a letter to the Democratic legislators evaluating them candidacy– according to which the judge tried to force her during one party hold on by the power of the hands.

"I reject this categorically and without ambiguity accusation. I did not do it, not in the baccalaureate or at any other time, "he said in the statement.

the complaint happens a week before the mood for his ratification in the Judicial commission of the Senate. Yes, as expected, it is quickly approved by the committee and the plenary session of the upper house, Judge Kavanaugh would office in time for 1 October 2018, when the Supreme Court re-opens the hearings.

Kavanaugh's rise to this position for life would certainly give the dish a tip Conservative terrain for a generation, and the Democratic opposition fears possible kicks about the rights to abortion and programs for minoritiesand a bigger one presidential impunity.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the most influential Democrat in the Judicial Commission of the Senate, He announced Thursday in a cryptic way that he & # 39; information & # 39; the FBI had passed on to the judge.

According to the magazine The New Yorker, a woman who asked not to be identified made contact with the lawmakers Democrats in July.

According to the story Edition, the incident occurred in the early 1980s, when Brett Kavanaugh was in high school Bethesda, a suburb of Washington.

At a party, Kavanaugh and another young man were in one room with the woman. The two men turned the volume of the music and they covered the woman's mouth with her hands so that no one could hear her, and Kavanaugh tried to sexually assault her, the New Yorker said, referring to the woman's version.

This woman, who said she could finally get out of the embrace, pointed out that it was I remember from that moment she was a source of fear for her and she had to go to one psychologist to face that problem.

the White House, on his side, condemned a last-minute operation to postpone Kavanaugh's confirmation.

The judge was chosen by Trump from a list that was approved by conservative organizations.

On Friday, September 14, 2018 Kavanaugh was defended by friends and acquaintances from that time and 65 women published one letter to support it.

"In the more than 35 years that we know him, Brett always distinguished himself for his own friendship, his reputation and his integrity. In particular, he always treated women with decency and respect ", according to the signatories.