Cantal: a priest who has been charged with sexual assault of minors

Suspected of sexual abuse of minors under the age of fifteen, Philippe Pouzet, a sixty-year-old abbot, was detained on Thursday, September 13, indicted on Friday and detained in Aurillac's house stops.

A confirmation of an article by our colleague de Berg, the prosecutor of the Republic of Aurillac, Olivier Clémençon, told us that we had initiated a judicial investigation.

The investigation must determine the time and exact nature of the facts that concern four children of the same family and that would have taken place while the priest was stationed in Massiac in Cantal.

Rumors had warned the bishop of the diocese of Saint-Flour, Bishop Grua, who warned justice and an initial investigation was conducted in 2017. The abbot was subsequently displaced.

The relatives of the alleged victims lodged a complaint at the beginning of September. The business was revived and the priest was freed from his ministry.