Car sharing: The man for the inner values

                                            1 The man for the inner values

2 "Moabit: severe odor (sweat), lubricating gel pack"

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Mora got pigeon shit. With Rita, someone has an empty bottle
      let lie. "That's the way it is," says András Karpacsev-Illiev, giving in to the pigeonhole
      pick up the empty bottle. Mora and Rita are cars, more precisely: cars from the
      DriveNow fleet, which can be rented at short notice for a fee. Especially in
      Larger cities use more and more people the so-called car sharing without fixed stations.
      And Karpacsev-Illiev is one of those who make sure the cars are clean
      The container for the window cleaning fluid is filled up that the cars in the
      Workshop come when they have a bump.
                DriveNow in Germany
        Source: TIME graph: DriveNow © Alexej Schurkin for DIE ZEIT
            Just like booking a car sharing car – no matter which provider – via an app
      András Karpacsev-Illiev organizes his job via his smartphone. On
      Friday morning in late September, Karpacsev-Illiev still drinks a quick coffee while he
      waiting for orders from the DriveNow headquarters three kilometers away. On this day
      his field of application will be the main station in Berlin or the streets around it
      around. There are also Mora and Rita.
            Volkswagen plans 1,500 electric cars in Berlin alone DriveNow, which belongs to BMW, has no own employees to clean the cars – the
      take care of service providers. In Berlin, for example, DriveNow works with two such
      Company together, arwe group and Cleen up. In the latter case, Karpacsev-Illiev is considered
      Hired team manager.
            There is a lot going on in the carsharing market right now. Car2go, which belongs to Daimler, and DriveNow
recently. If the EU Commission gives its consent, that means only for
      Berlin: a total of 2500 vehicles, the previous clientele of half a million to
      To be available. Volkswagen plans to launch 1,500 electric cars in Berlin next year
      offer, more cities are to follow.
            The companies like to talk about these numbers. When it comes to what's behind, so how
      this system works in detail, the most silent. Car2go has a press request
      back, DriveNow initially loads only in the Berlin office – where indeed the orders for cleaning
      and refueling and maintenance and re-parking will be forgiven, but not a single vehicle cleaned
      becomes. After much deliberation, the company and the service provider agree: one may
      Accompany Karpacsev-Illiev.

This article is from TIME no. 42/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

Not to neglect: the rims In the head you always have these stories of vollgekotzten seat cushions. From drunks who
      have seen the lamppost too late. Of wild sex in the rented car. Karpacsev-Illiev
      says: "Most complicated to clean are floor mats with dog and cat hair
      on the windows. "Did somebody really throw themselves on a seat or stick somewhere?
      Blood, in DriveNow's jargon, means "cleaning (special)," and that may be Karpacsev-Illiev
      not do. Because Karpacsev-Illiev cleans the cars while they are somewhere in the urban area
            He has his cleaning utensils in a black training bag this morning:
      Detergent, brush, hand vacuum, rags, a small can of disc fluid.
      The interior he first looks after is divided into several areas:
      Priority is the driver area, then comes the passenger area, then the back seat. Before
      Karpacsev-Illiev starts, he photographs the car: from the outside, from the inside and, very much
      important, the rims.