Cargo bike: a bike called Muli

Cargo bike: a bike called Muli

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More and more people are switching from the car to the cargo bike, especially in the cities. But even if the search for a parking space is eliminated: A cargo bike also needs space. But a larger parking space in the backyard or even a bicycle shed in front of the supermarket is usually not. That's why city dwellers are looking for
now also with cargo bikes for space-saving alternatives.
Of the
Folding bike specialist Tern has a motorized GSD model
relatively slim model developed. Instead of one
or a large cargo area
the Taiwanese
Manufacturer an 80-centimeter long luggage rack
stands for
Stuff Done ",
that means how
Things get done. "This includes, for example, that
to pick up two children from the kindergarten and on the way home the same
done the shopping. That works with the Tern, if two
Child seats via Klickfix adapter such as bicycle baskets on the
Luggage carrier to be attached. The saddlebags are made of textile
about 60 liters.
If that's not enough, you can put it on the front luggage rack
put a Eurobox that holds another 20 liters. That makes 80 liters
Packing volume. For comparison: a conventional cart summarizes
around 130 liters. With its low center of gravity, the Tern drives
Fully loaded, GSD is still quiet and can be controlled safely, the electric motor supports up to 25 km / h, making it easier to transport even heavy loads. The
small fist-thick 20-inch tires replace the sovereign the
The wheels become lighter 29
Kilograms that weighs
GSD. This makes it much lighter than conventional cargo bikes.
The classic among the children's carriages, the
Bakfiets from the Netherlands, weighs 55 kilograms. For a long time the trioBike from Copenhagen or the Cargobike of the Darmstädter were considered
Manufacturer Riese and Müller, each weighing around 43 kilograms
as lighter models. But you do not want these wheels either
Balancing evening in the basement. For them you need a ground floor
Parking space.

The Tern can be relatively easily over a
Bring rail or ramp into the basement. Supported upwards
the pushing aid of the engine.
Equipment of the Cargobike also includes a seat cushion for the
Carrier, which is also clicked via Klickfix adapter.
That's handy when the kids get out of the bike seat
have outgrown. fold
and a handle under the saddle make riding comfortable.
Actually, an adult could do that too
be taken with ease. However, that is in Germany
forbidden. Here you are allowed to adults only in a cycle rickshaw
driving the area.


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