Cesare Battisti, expelled from Bolivia, attendu lundi à Rome

Cesare Battisti aboard the plane who sends him in Italy. – Italian police

Cesare Battisti, an ex-activist of Italian extrême gauche condamné perpétuité in Italy for four months, is attendu lundi midi in Rome, where he did the job, after having been expelled for Bolivia.

The plane that hurts to sneak in Italy on Wednesday night at 17h local (22h, heure française) of the international airport of Santa Cruz (east of Bolivia), where he was captured later, after he joined a horse of a man. Le Falcon 900 hectares of Italian flag is attenuated in the Roman city of Ciampino at 12:30 p.m. Monday.

The Italian Ministry of Interior had confirmed that the appareil had tightened from Santa Cruz with Cesare Battisti on board. The ad is added to a photo of the ex-militant gauchiste assis dans l'avion, apparently sans menottes, a couverture sur les jambes. «The plane with Cesare Battisti was due to take off in the direction of Italy: je suis fier et ému! », The Italian Minister of Internal Affairs Matteo Salvini sur Twitter.

The agreement for the re-creation of the latest news item

«Il rentrera directly from Bolivia. In this way, the ex-terrorist purges the comb into the Italian justice: the perpetuity! », Accurate to the Italian Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede South are a Twitter account.

When I entertained the Italian TV network Rainews24, I explained to the minister that it is clear to him that Brazil does not have a long-term breakthrough. Dans I passed an agreement because I was signed with the pays to repeat the comb to 30 years in prison, Italy prefers to make the commitment to recover the fugitive. Please visit our newsletter with an expulsion from Bolivia. Il doit être placé in the prison of Rebibbia à Rome.

Les geôles italiennes assistent Cesare Battisti "is not because of its political idées, but rather for the four crimes that I commiss to say that for various threats to armed struggle and terrorism," commented the chef du gouvernement Italian Giuseppe Count

«A delinquent who does not love to come together in a comfortable area»

I am convinced that the retaliation for four murderers and complicit parties in the 1970s – the "lead singles" in Italy -, Cesare Battisti, 64, lived in exile in Brazil since 2004, then spent about 15 years in France. Italy had just returned home to a country where she was a minor Belgian mother, a paternity on those who had been told to legally protect him from an extradition to Brazil. Il toujours clamé are innocence.

Matteo Salvini welcomed the Italian and Foreign order forces who allowed the arrest of "a delinquent who does not want to join a comfortable companion to the beach, but finishing in jours in prison." The chef of La Ligue (extrême droite), the strong man from Italy, also has no place for remarks to Jair Bolsonaro, they are new to allie.

Salvini counts reporter of other ex-militants in France

Cesare Battisti had already received "with certainty" in Bolivia, the last week in Santa Cruz, where an opulence had already been prepared with the Bolivian police, a-t-on appris après du govvernement italien. A video issued by the Italian police on the way to the arrest of Cesare Battisti mounted on the street, humming lightly, damn away from the lunettes noires, wearing barber and mustache. I was arrested with money from deux dollars in poche et "feeling the alcohol", adding a source to the enquête.

The arrest of Cesare Battisti was unanimously saluted in Italy, at the bottom of it. The president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella expects that he will be "promptly remissing to Italian justice, in order to purge his comb for serious crimes" commis in Italy.

Meanwhile, Matteo Salvini told reporters that he had recently told France of other ex-militants of extrême gauche condamnés pour mournre after the arrest of Cesare Battisti, long protested by Paris.