Chemnitz: Lawyer applies for annulment of the arrest warrant

Chemnitz: Lawyer applies for annulment of the arrest warrant

 the two detained because of the homicide in Chemnitz
According to a media report, suspects deny having participated in the crime. The NDR, citing its own research, reports that the suspect is facing the head of the Iraqi legal department
 Message stated that he was at the dispute in Chemnitz, at which
 the 35-year-old Daniel H. had been killed, had not been involved.
He stood several meters offside.

A witness who did that
Acts immediately observed and his statement to the police
 Report also told the NDR that the suspect
during the altercation have stood a few meters away. Neither police nor prosecutors had previously made details of the crime.
The lawyer's attorney, defense lawyer Ulrich Dost-Roxin, told the NDR that none of the evidence mentioned in the arrest warrant had "limited evidence of involvement" by his client; the arrest warrant should not have been issued at all. He will therefore request the lifting of the arrest warrant. The evaluation of forensics does not prove any involvement of his client. Also, in his opinion, there are no incriminating testimonies.
According to the report, the public prosecutor's office in Chemnitz did not want to provide information on the specific reasons for the arrest warrant, with reference to the ongoing investigations. However, she confirmed that the lawyer had applied for detention this week.
The German cuban Daniel H. fell victim to a knife attack in Chemnitz at the end of August. The two suspects in custody are two men from Syria and Iraq. After a third suspect is searched. The killing offense attracted numerous demonstrations of right-wing groups in Chemnitz. For Friday evening, the right-wing populist civic movement Pro Chemnitz has called again for a demonstration in the city center.

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