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What happens to the emergency lane, though
a three-lane road ends? It concerns the following situation: The
Rettungsgasse will be between the left and the immediately right next to it
lying lane formed. A few meters later, the left lane disappears
The road runs from now on only two lanes, so the emergency lane must
be formed between these two tracks. What happens next to the
Narrowing? How do rescue vehicles get through there and how do I behave?
right ?, asks ZEIT-ONLINE reader Tobias Gutsch from Miltenberg.

complain again fire Department and rescuers about car drivers
drivers are overwhelmed to form an escape route through which the helpers
safely and quickly come to the scene of the accident. "On a highway or one
another road with a minimum of two lanes for one direction
An emergency lane will be formed as soon as the traffic with
Walking speed or comes to a standstill, "says Stefan Herbers,
Specialist lawyer for traffic law in Oldenburg.

It does not matter if an emergency vehicle is actually approaching or
for example, due to a traffic accident with emergency vehicles expected
is, as the lawyer explains. "It's too late, only then a free lane
when rescue workers approach with blue lights and sirens, "says
Herbers. To read is the regulation in Paragraph 11 (2)
Road Traffic Act (StVO)

some do not seem to know how they behave in this situation,
explains the traffic law expert, how to do it: "An escape route is
formed by the vehicles driving on the left lane, after
Dodge on the left and the vehicles on the remaining lanes to the right
Dodge. "Herbers adds," This procedure is always independent
of whether there are two or more lanes. "Important: The
Hard shoulder must remain free.

Construction sites can be difficult to build an emergency lane. Here it is
possibly useful, offset and with an appropriate distance to the front
drive or stop the vehicle ", advises Herbers.

How does the escape route, if – as described by the reader – the
Lane narrowed from three to two lanes? "If at several lanes
for one direction a lane ends, the zipper procedure is applied
(Clause 7 (4) StVO). As a rule, the left lane ends, and the
Traffic from there must change to the traffic lane to the right, "
explains the specialist lawyer. "But ends the left track in an area where
a rescue lane is to be formed or was formed, then the remain
Vehicles that have evaded to the left for the rescue lane continue
Left. With originally three lanes for one direction, this leads to
exceptionally, the vehicles on the two right lanes among themselves
have to thread. "In this way the escape route remains permanent
even when changing from three to two lanes.


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