Colombia: Many dead by attack on police school in Bogotá

A bomb attack on a police academy in the Colombian capital Bogotá According to the police at least 21 people have been killed. Also, the attacker was among the dead. 68 people were injured.

At the General Santander Police Officers School just found one
Promotion ceremony held. According to the Attorney General
a beagle struck as the offender drove his car through the main entrance
the Academy was driving. The driver accelerated and drove high
Speed ​​on the terrain. There the car exploded. investigations
 According to the off-road vehicle was loaded with 80 kilograms of explosives.
Several buildings were damaged, the vehicle burned out.

Investigators identified the offender as a member of the left
Guerrilla organization ELN. The man has the fight name Mocho Kico
For 17 years as an explosives expert of the rebels in the east of the country
served, the television station Caracol reported, citing the
Attorney General's Office. Whether the ELN had ordered the attack was
initially unclear. The leadership of the rebels did not comment.

President Iván Duque and Farc representative condemn plot

Colombia Head of state Iván Duque condemned the act as a "miserable act of terrorism." "We Colombians reject all terrorism and we stand together in the fight against him," wrote Duque on Twitter. The Colombians did not give in to the violence. It was the worst attack in Bogotá since the peace agreement with the Farc guerrilla in 2016.

Also representatives of the former Farc rebels condemned the
Bombing. "The assassination of the Police General Santander
is very regrettable. Solidarity with the families of the victims, "wrote
Farc Senator Victoria Sandino on Twitter. "We have to ask ourselves who
 benefits from such actions and what goals they pursue. "

A year ago, five officials were killed and many others injured in an attack on a police station in the port city of Barranquilla. Indeed, the ELN confessed. The government then suspended the peace talks with the organization. The resumption of talks makes President Duque dependent on the release of all the hostages of the rebels. The group speaks of "unacceptable unilateral conditions".

Duque's predecessor Juan Manuel Santos ended the decade-long guerrilla war with the Farc in November 2016 with a peace agreement. The Farc fighters then gave their weapons off, now the group acts as a political party. Since then, ELN has been the last remaining guerrilla group in Colombia. Around 1,500 fighters belong to the organization.