Continuing education at work: learning endlessly

Educate yourself, otherwise you will be hung up – whoever understands lifelong learning is on the wrong track. But using a simple formula can help save the world.

Lifelong learning, because you want to hear away right away. The blessing
      everlasting further education as a miracle weapon to summon against the fear, in a furious
      To be scrapped in a changing world is the lamenting evening prayer of the working society
      become. Yeah, I have to stay flexible. Yeah, it's a lot of fun, mein
      Leaving comfort zone and learning is like rowing against the current: as soon as I stop,
      I fall back. These calls have just been ripped off too often –
      of change managers, consulting gurus, FDP men, education politicians and others
      Sunday preachers – as one could be there with unfeigned enthusiasm.