Crash on Trump press conference: "It's enough!" - "Sit down!" - "Get away!"

US President Trump would have to be after his "historic election victory" actually in good spirits. Instead, he insults a CNN reporter.


       By Thorsten Denkler, Washington



    Donald Trump could have gone into his press conference the day after the Midterms. He has finally retired on Tuesday – in his eyes – historic electoral victory. And, moreover, that came out an hour after the press conference, the highly despised Justice Minister Jeff Sessions threw him. The man, then, who Trump blames for making sure that in May 2017, a special investigator continued investigations into the Russia affair. Although he had previously fired FBI boss James Comey.


    All the more surprising, then, how bad tempered Trump on Wednesday before the press. At least based on his interpretation of Tuesday's election results, this should be a day of jubilation. The midterms would have given him a clear and "almost" complete victory, says the president. For which of course he bears the main responsibility.

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The data looks a bit different: In the Senate, the Republicans have gained a handful of seats. But the House of Representatives has reconquered the Democrats. Not all is counted yet, but the Democrats will probably take more than 30 seats from the Republicans. 23 would have been necessary to obtain the majority.


    Trump sells the loss of the House of Representatives as victory


    But Trump says his predecessor Barack Obama lost much worse in his first interim elections. And so many Republicans would never have sat in the Senate. For many years, the Republicans would not have gained so many seats in the Senate. In addition, the Republicans had won major governor elections. In Texas for example or in Georgia.


    What Trump forgets to mention: The fact that these races were so tight in the Republican strongholds of Texas and Georgia is already a huge success for the Democrats.


    And he can hardly sell the loss of the House of Representatives as a victory, right? Yes, he can. First, by rejecting responsibility for defeat in the House of Representatives. All those republican candidates who could not win their constituencies were guilty because they allegedly did not stand behind him or his agenda. Those who prefer to distance themselves have lost, says Trump. He even names a few by name. In the Trump party, this looks like a spell.


    He also wants to tell the public that governing could be easier for him because he can now properly negotiate with the Democrats. He still does not look like he's really happy about it.


    Trump's problem is that, if he wants to achieve anything at law level, he will have to work with the Democrats in the future. How little he fancies it is testified by the poisoned praise he has left for Nancy Pelosi – the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. In the election campaign she was one of his most important targets. Who chooses Democrats, gets Pelosi, was his message, as if she was the Antichrist in person. And now Trump announces that he would like to work with Pelosi as if he had eaten a sack of chalk.


    Trump personally attacks a CNN reporter


    He then leaves all his displeasure to Jim Acosta, CNN correspondent in the White House. The two do not like each other a bit. Acosta always tries to hide this professionally. Trump never.




    Acosta has not asked his question yet, as the US President interrupts him with a grim expression. It is about the refugee train of several thousand people from South America, who are just on the way to the US border, and the Trump had called "invasion". The question is whether the US President demonizes these people for election purposes. "Honestly, you should let me lead the country, and you should run CNN, and if you did that, your ratings would be better."


    It is enough!


    As Acosta wants to get rid of a question, Trump approaches him: "It is enough! It is enough! Put the microphone away!" Acosta asks after the Russia investigation. Trump has had enough, he leaves the desk, steps aside, like a cop who has to breathe briefly before he runs for the torero. Acosta the micro is taken off, the journalist shaking his head.


    Thus, the US President celebrates what he sees as the biggest election victory in history.

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