Crime scene Pingsdorfer Straße: Intended crime: determined by the criminal police of Cologne

Brühl –

Bloody murder in Brühl: early Tuesday morning, near a petrol station, an attempted murder.


The police were on the spot with various patrol cars and closed the scene.

Tatort is the Pingsdorfer street. A pool of blood in front of a building testifies to the terrible act. Police and prosecutors said this morning, around 15.15, two hostile groups met on the street. When an argument escalated, two men (27, 28) were wounded by a knife attack.

The 28-year-old Bruehler was in danger of life. An emergency operation saved his life. According to the police, the treating physicians describe his condition as stable.

No xenophobic background

The alarmed police officers provisionally arrested seven suspects of different nationalities.

To clarify the precise background of the act, the Cologne police committed a murder. According to the police, there is currently no evidence of xenophobic background.