Cristiano Ronaldo hired $ 1m team of lawyers, doctors and PR specialists & # 39; in order to protect themselves against rape

CRISTIANO Ronaldo has hired a team of lawyers, doctors and PR specialists of $ 1 million to protect themselves against rape claims, according to reports.
The £ 100million forward would have gathered a group of the world's most powerful people to work to keep its image clean after the accusations in 2009.
Getty – Advocates for Cristiano Ronaldo have branded rape allegations against him as an attempt to destroy a reputation built on hard work, athletic action and honor. Ronaldo, 33, denies Kathryn Mayorga to attack a hotel in Las Vegas and maintains sex was a consensus.
But the footie star would have used the team to protect its reputation of several million pounds and ensure that the story never became public.
The & # 39; team & # 39 ;, as they are called in legal documents, came together in mid-2009 and would have included a former agent, a medical professional and a forensic expert.
Now The Mirror reports that its lawyers are so concerned about the work of the helpers' army that it has assumed that it wants to destroy the £ 287,000 confidentiality agreement signed by Ms. Mayorga.
AP: Associated Press Kathryn Mayorga fled from Las Vegas and went into hiding since the news broke: Associated Press Ronaldo broke off with rape prosecutor Kathryn Mayorga in the Rain nightclub Las Vegas in June 2009. It comes after his lawyers sensationally argued that a cybercriminal had fabricated stolen documents to make him seem guilty of rape.
Ronaldo & # 39; s lawyer Peter Christiansen said that paperwork published by the German magazine Der Spiegel was hacked from computers and changed.
The American Christianen said the Portuguese attacker was confronted with "an extensive and deliberate smear campaign based on stolen, easily manipulated digital documents".
He added: "I understand that in 2015, dozens of entities (including law firms) from many different industries across Europe have been hacked and their electronic data has been stolen.
"This hacker tried to sell this data and one media distributor has now irresponsibly published the stolen documents, of which important parts have been modified and / or have been manufactured completely."
AP: Associated Press Cristiano Ronaldo denies attack on Kathryn Mayorga in a hotel in Las VegasWhat are the rape claims of Cristiano Ronaldo, what happened at the Palms Hotel Las Vegas?
Ronaldo has branded accusations of rape against him as an attempt to destroy a reputation "built on hard work, athletic action and honor".
The £ 100 million advance made a blistering statement after saying that he "was forced to stop staying silent" after Kathryn Mayorga accused him of sexually assaulting her in 2009.
Prosecutor Kathryn, 34, says the incident occurred at the Palms Casino Resort in June 2009, while Ronaldo, 33, celebrated his big money move to Real Madrid.
The teacher now claims that she has only signed the settlement because she is "terrified of retaliation" from the player and now suing her lawyers against Ronaldo.
Getty – Employee Cristiano Ronaldo introduced himself today during a training session with Juventus. He says that the motives for signing the resolution are "twisted to say the least" and label the accusations as part of an "extensive and deliberate smear campaign".
Mr. Christiansen admitted for the first time that the former Manchester United idol had signed a confidentiality agreement with Ms. Mayorga.
He stressed that the £ 287,000 deal reported in 2010 was "by no means an admission of guilt" but to avoid attempts to destroy a reputation "built on hard work, athletic action and honor".
Video footage also originated from Ronaldo, who now plays for Italian giants Juventus, relaxing at a hotel pool on the day of the alleged rape.
The Metropolitan Police Department of Las Vegas has reopened the investigation into the alleged rape.
BackGrid Cristiano Ronaldo pictured on a lounger on the day of the alleged attack Cristiano Ronaldo relaxing at the pool of Palms Place and a massage the day a woman accused him of having raped her in Las Vegas in 2009 Carlo Grosso's statement fully
I have been hired to represent Cristiano Ronaldo in relation to the recent civil complaint that arose as a result of events that occurred in 2009 and that were all plotted in 2010 between the parties.
In view of the violation of that agreement by the other party and the inflammatory accusations filed in the following days, Mr. Ronaldo feels compelled to stop being silent and in fact is entitled to a proportional response in kind.
For the sake of clarity: Cristiano Ronaldo violently denies all accusations in this civil action, in accordance with what he has done in the past nine years.
The documents that allegedly contain statements by Mr Ronaldo and have been reproduced in the media are pure inventions.
In 2015, dozens of entities (including law firms) were attacked in various parts of Europe and their electronic data was stolen by a cybercriminal.
This hacker tried to sell such information and a media company ended up irresponsibly publishing some of the stolen documents, important parts of which were changed and / or were completely manufactured. Again, to take away any doubts, Cristiano Ronaldo's position has always been, and still, that what happened in Las Vegas in 2009 was fully in line.
Cristiano Ronaldo does not deny that he has agreed to conclude an agreement, but the reasons which led him to this must at least be distorted. This agreement is by no means an acknowledgment of debt. What happened was that Cristiano Ronaldo merely followed the advice of his advisers to end the scandalous accusations made against him, to prevent attempts, such as those we now witness, a reputation built thanks to hard work, athletic ability and behavioral correction. Unfortunately, it is now involved in the kind of lawsuits that are very common in the United States.
Although Cristiano Ronaldo is used to being the subject of media attention that goes hand in hand with being famous, it is absolutely unfortunate that a media outlet would support or promote such an extensive and deliberate smear campaign based on stolen, easy to manipulate. digital documents.
Mr Ronaldo will leave future discussions on all legal matters to his lawyers here and in Europe. He is convinced that the truth will survive this frenzy and the laws of Nevada will be maintained and enforced.

But Ronaldo resolutely denies the allegations of sexual misconduct and said he "is convinced that the truth will survive this frenzy".
In the statement, the attorney representing Ronaldo states: "What happened in Las Vegas in 2009 was of a consensual nature.
"Mr. Ronaldo got the advice to personally solve the accusation against him to prevent the inevitable attempts now being made to destroy a reputation built on hard work, athletic action and honor."
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