CSU party congress in Munich: Again and again Seehofer praises the "dear Markus"

CSU party congress in Munich: Again and again Seehofer praises the "dear Markus"

The CSU program for the state election contains no new political demands, but is more of a kind of election call.
 A central message: Only the CSU could provide stability in Bavaria.
 Before Prime Minister Söder speaks, Secretary General Blume and CSU leader Seehofer give their speeches.



    Four weeks have passed until the Bavarian state election – and now it's almost everything for the CSU. The latest poll hangs like a gloomy cloud over Prime Minister Markus Söder: According to the Bayern trend, the CSU would come to only 35 percent. A single government is thus infinitely far away, a coalition inevitable – but what makes governing even more difficult is that in the future Parliament could even be composed of seven parties.


    The CSU will meet this Saturday in the Munich Postal Palace for party congress to mobilize all available forces for the final spurt in the election campaign. The motto is "Yes to Bavaria", the same title is given by the election program, which the CSU is still presenting. The paper comprises eleven pages, broken down into three points: "Yes to Bavaria's uniqueness", "Yes to Bavaria's future", "Yes to Bavaria's stability". The yes is there in capital letters, YES! So everyone understands how serious Söder and his team are. In terms of content, it is not really about Söder's government program in April.

This is the situation in the Bavarian state election campaign
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Anyhow, no one should question Söder's will to succeed among the delegates anyway. At the beginning of the congress, CSU General Secretary Markus Blume also endeavors to dispel any doubts about the right way for the Prime Minister. The CSU was always particularly strong when it arrived.


    Blume defends the policy of his party, wages in turn from all opposition parties and distances itself clearly from the AfD. Since the incidents in Chemnitz, the CSU has abandoned the attempt to simply ignore the right-wing populists. For two weeks, Söder has spoken clearly and his secretary-general also describes how much he dreads the idea of ​​a strong AfD in Bavaria. "I do not want this party ever playing a role in this country!" For his demarcation to the AFD Blume receives the most applause from the delegates in the hall.


    After the Secretary General, it is the party leader's turn. Horst Seehofer has strained the nerves of many CSU members in the past weeks and months badly. A significant portion of the party's fatal refugee rhetoric is attributed to him. How much damage does Seehofer's account pay? Already at the welcome applause for the Federal Interior Minister applause, his speech ripples, enthusiasm he triggers at the delegates not really.


    At one point, Seehofer addressed to the SPD and their Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil, which demand a credit of the Bavarian family money to Hartz IV: "This is shabby, if policy is made against the little people." Heil should finally "stop this nonsense" and make the family allowance free of charge. "That's the only correct answer."


    "The social question of our time": Living


    Seehofer calls affordable housing "the social question of our time". The Federal Government has given the right answers with its recent resolutions – such as the Baukindergeld or the tenant protection amendment. Whether the people who want to demonstrate this Saturday in Munich because of exactly this question also see it that way, that does not matter in Seehofer speech.


    In matters relating to refugee policy, the Federal Interior Minister remains in line, continues some points "I will never understand that a demonstration takes place so that offenders are not deported, but stay here in the country."


    In principle, Seehofer makes everything right on his appearance this time: he does not unnecessarily provoke, scolds enough and praises over and over again the "dear Markus". Before the new Prime Minister comes to the podium, a round with CSU women and the honorary chairman Edmund Stoiber and Theo Waigel is planned. But one thing Söder seems to have done since taking office: a prime minister Seehofer the CSU delegates apparently mourn more not particularly.