Cult car: Bye-bye, Beetle

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The news came as a surprise even for VW Germany. In
a press release gave the head of Volkswagen of America Hinrich Woebcken
on Thursday announced that production of the Beetle in the summer of 2019 after eight
Years worldwide. "Especially the time of the announcement has
surprised us, "says Bernd Schröder, press spokesman at VW in Wolfsburg for
compact models, to which the vehicle counts. Finally, two new models are announced, which will be shown for the first time at the end of this year at the auto show in Los Angeles. Their model name Last Edition, meanwhile, knows
already at the end of the cult car.
            The treacherous name has – as Schroeder supposed – to
led that the America boss without vote with the center in Wolfsburg
informed the public. If the car manufacturers a new one
Bring the model to market, inform their dealers in advance so that the
can adapt to the new product. So VW has also at the load
Edition acted. "This announcement is likely to be public
"The spokesman speculates," Woebcken was forced to immediately
to react.
            Schröder leaves no doubt that he was allowed to do that:
"America has the communication sovereignty because the car is offered there and
the US is the most important market for the Beetle. "
Beetle coupe sold in Germany since mid-2017, and
Both coupe and convertible were launched throughout Europe in March this year
set (these two variants are available from the Beetle). A reason for this sale end
lies in the new exhaust emissions test WLTP for Europe: For the planned
Remaining time as in the US, the conversion would not have counted.
            At the end of the life cycle The surprising message from America made sure anyway
for attention – no wonder, after all, the Beetle is the official one
Successor of the legendary beetle. Therefore, the Beetle also had cult status, and
that's why the announced end of production weighs heavily, at least emotionally. there
was with more than 21 million vehicles sold over decades of beetles
the far more successful model than the Beetle – the most successful in the
VW Group.
            First, the New Beetle came on the market. The model was in
First produced in October 1997, the Beetle in Mexico was still off the production line.
The last beetle was created in the local plant Puebla on July 30, 2003. The in the
Design form based on the classic New Beetle was produced until 2010,
then replaced in 2011 by the Beetle. He now shares the fate of his local
Tribe father: He also runs – probably in July 2019 – in the VW plant Puebla
            Worldwide were by New Beetle and his successor
sold a total of around 1.7 million vehicles. The USA, Canada and Mexico
were the main markets for the vehicle, later came China. In Europe
and especially in Germany, the sales of the two beetle heirs
bad. "Europeans are practically oriented, and in that the golf is a lot
better, "press spokesman Schröder dares to explain why production
is pretty simple: "After eight years on the market, that is
Product arrived at the end of its life cycle. "In addition, VW wants to get up
Focus on models with high sales, such as Golf and Passat, and on the
Trendy SUV.