death of Karl Lagerfeld, march against anti-Semitism and release of the film of François Ozon

The fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in Paris in 2004. – ALFRED / SIPA

In the sun, in the rain, neither at midday nor midnight but rather around 18H30, here is your unmissable information of the day.

Mr. Karl, aka "the Kaiser" said he preferred to die rather than having a funeral. He died on Tuesday, January 19, according to concordant sources. Probably at the age of 85, the designer has never really confirmed his age. The end of a reign of nearly sixty years in fashion as a stylist, photographer, director and publisher German. "In a sense, I am ageless, I do not belong to any generation", amused the iconic creator. His portrait to reread here. And the interview
admiring of a young fashion designer there.

The article to read of the day: anti-Semitism, climate, attack … the marches are they useful?

Protesters at the March for the climate December 8 in Lyon.
Protesters at the March for the climate December 8 in Lyon. – Isabelle Simon / SIPA

Denounce the government's inaction climate, fight against sexual and sexual violence, every week its march. Most of the time pacifists, they sometimes gather several million people, side by side, for the same cause. But are they really useful? Why a march rather than a demonstration? What is the difference ? A few hours before the march against anti-Semitism, this Tuesday evening, 20 minutes asked Michel Wieviorka, sociologist and writer, director of studies at the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences.
Discover his interview.

Bernard Verley and Melvil Poupaud in Grace of God by François Ozon
Bernard Verley and Melvil Poupaud in François Ozon's Grace de Dieu – Mars Films

Thanks to God, the film of François Ozon will leave well this Wednesday. The justice studied the second recourse in summary on Tuesday and dismissed an ex-member of the diocese of Lyon. Regine Mayor, who worked with Cardinal Barbarin, had asked that his name be removed. The details of the case
right here
here and again
right here.

Christophe Castaner
Christophe Castaner – POL EMILE / SIPA / SIPA

The Interior Minister has said that "the French must reaffirm their support for our Republic. As of April, I will require that an official portrait of the Head of State be posted in every French household under pain of heavy judicial penalties. ". We reassure you, it's totally wrong.
 Our fact-checking to read here.

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