Democratic governor Cuomo and senator Gillibrand are re-elected in New York

Democrat Andrew Cuomo defeated Republican challenger Marc Molinaro on Tuesday to win a third term and the opportunity to create a legacy as one of the longest-running and most dominant New York governors.

Cuomo's victory means that Kathy Hochul was elected to a second term as lieutenant governor of the state. In New York candidates are presented for the state's executive position No. 2, along with the candidates for the governor.

The governor experienced strong competition that began with a difficult challenge in the primaries of actress and activist Cynthia Nixon, followed by a controversial race against the Republican candidate Marc Molinaro, who launched a website called "Cuomo Leaks", where he sought to reveal scandals that affect the governor.

It has been speculated in the media that the next governor's campaign will be for president in 2020. During his debate with Cynthia Nixon, Cuomo has ruled out a presidential candidacy.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from New York was one of the first results in New York State on Tuesday-evening. The Democrat was re-elected in the Senate of the United States after a fight with the Republican challenger Chele Farley.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: the "niuyorrican" who won the founding of the Democratic Party in New York (photo & # 39; s)


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