Disappearance of Laura Fay in the Landes: the privileged criminal circuit

The last time Laura was noticed was in a small supermarket in Labrit, in the Haute-Landes. It was August 6. She had to go with her companion to the famous Musicalarue festival in the neighboring town of Luxey. Her boyfriend and colleague, by appointment with our colleague from France 3 in the Ardèche, entrusts her "was happy to see Pierre Perret at this festival".

Nothing ever since. His parents who live in Drôme, his colleagues, quickly reported his disappearance to the gendarmerie. The young woman lives in Villeneuve de Berg (Ardèche). The door of her house, which she bought two years ago, is sealed. Almost no one knows her in the village, or has noticed her. She has two dogs she is used to walking.
She works as an order picker at Amazon in Montélimar (Drôme).

In his village posters of the announcement of research were stuck on the windows by colleagues from Amazon, very concerned.

What we know

Laura Fay arrived in the area on August 6, 2018 with his companion. They drove in a Clio model car, black, with two dogs. This is the first time she comes to this festival. The researchers currently have the latest photo 's by Laura Fay, filmed late in the afternoon at the cash desk of the supermarket.

According to the first evidence collected, at the end of the afternoon, the couple goes shopping at Labrit. His companion reported of a dispute between them. He explains that she would have gone to a friend's house by bicycle. And since, no signs of his cell phone or credit card.

And since a month, not the slightest indication.
At the press conference, the Mont-de-Marsan prosecutor, Olivier Janson, said that Laura Fay had done so no suicidal antecedent. She had not mentioned the desire to disappear.

Disappearance of Laura Fay in the Landes: the privileged criminal circuit
Why the public prosecutor asks for a witness

A call for witnesses to find clues

They call anyone who may have crossed paths in the Luxey, Labrit, Morcenx sector. Researchers are also looking for one Quechua model tent in dark blue color and a sleeping bag.

The 30-year-old is 1 meter 65 tall and has long brown hair. She wore a T-shirt with the logo of the brand "Lévis" and denim shorts.

So far, many hearings have been held, including that of Laura Fay's companion. He was heard as a witness. They had been together for 8 to 10 years together.
Numerous water bodies and lakes in the area have been investigated. Lake Arjuzanx, the largest lake, was occupied for two days at the beginning of September with large resources, divers and helicopters.

The privileged criminal path

The examining magistrate leans towards a criminal track in light of the evidence. Hence the mobilization of a dozen researchers from the Pau research brigade in direct contact with the research section of Grenoble. DWhere also this call for a large-scale witness initiated by the prosecutor and the investigating magistrate to try to gather information that is useful for the investigation.

A phone number is available to report each hint: 06 23 17 32 96.

Labrit: the municipality where Laura Fay was last seen on August 6: