Disturbing audio recordings made in a primary school classroom in West Virginia

Disturbing audio recordings made in a primary school classroom in West Virginia. (Photo: ABC7)

A hidden recording device in a special classroom evokes alarming questions about what happened in a classroom at a primary school in Berkeley County, West Virginia.

A warning: what you are going to read is worrying.

Instructor # 1: "I should support you right in your teeth, how is that for fear?"

According to the parents, this is a secret sound recording of an instructor who talks to children in a special education class at the Berkeley Heights Elementary School in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Amber Pack sent her 8-year-old daughter to the classroom with a recording device after the child did not want to go back to school.

Instructor # 1: "I could hit her right in her face."

Another instructor in the same class.

Instructor # 2: "You have to pee, pee or do not have to pee and just want to *** in a chair?"

There is more:

Instructor # 2: "I'm going to pull your hair until you start to cry."

Instructor # 3: "Do not throw it, do not throw, you animal."

Instructor # 2: "Yes, you wench."

Instructor # 2: "You are like a pygmy, you are like a pygmy."

The next day, Pack warned the school district and the Martinsburg police.

"Do you think this has been going on for a while?", Asked I-Team reporter Scott Taylor.

"Yes, that was the first day I put the recorder in her hair," Amber Pack said.

"Have you recorded all this one day?" Early Taylor.

"One day, eight o'clock," Pack said.

You hear the instructors sometimes sing songs and read stories for students and other times:

Instructor # 2: "How you dried your tears so quickly, crocodile."

Instructor # 3: "And then she wants to destroy everything in sight."

Instructor # 2: "I'm knocked out."

"I could not eat for three days, my stomach, I was so upset that every time I looked at her, I started to cry," said Pack.

Kasey Murphy, whose 6-year-old son Owen is in the same class, said at a meeting of the parents-teacher at the end of October, no one who informed her of the admission, although Pack had already transferred it to the school district.

"I have never heard of the director, never heard of the chief inspector, I have never heard of them," said Murphy.

It was not until November that Pack posted a video of the recording on Facebook that Murphy was aware of.

Instructor # 2: "I will certainly beat you and Owen, you will get a good cause for it."

"It is nauseous," Murphy said. "People do not even talk to animals and they talk to non-verbal children who do not understand why they talk to them like that, they do not do anything wrong."

On the recording you can hear the instructors tease and refuse to give Owen food.

Instructor # 1: "Grump to me, I challenge you and you do not get one." Go ahead, there is nothing that says I should give you a snack. "

Instructor # 2: "It seems that you have nothing Owen." Ha, sorry buddy. "

The Berkeley County Public Prosecutor found no crime wrong, but the prosecutor, Catie Wilkes Delligatti, told both mothers in a letter: "I do not approve the verbal treatment of your children by the people in the class in any way. "

At this moment all three instructors have paid administrative leave.

I do not understand why you treated her as you treated her, she did not deserve it, no child, & # 39; said Pack.

The school district, which has rejected multiple interview requests, is still investigating and says that the state law prevents information from being shared.

The Civil Rights Office of the US Department of Education has just opened its own investigation.

Only one of the three instructors came back to us. She has no comment.

Both students mentioned in our research are now in different schools. Owen transferred to a new school district. Parents from both students tell ABC7 News that the children are very happy in their new classrooms.