Do you eat products after their expiration date? tell us

Some consumers are very vigilant about expiry dates, when others have no problem eating yogurts or other stale foods. – SUPERSTOCK / SUPERSTOCK / SIPA

The law against food waste blows Monday its three candles. However, three years after its entry into force,
supermarkets were caught in the bag, or rather in the trash,
discarding unsold food rather than donating it to associations. Events that revive the debate on food waste and that make us wonder about our own habits of
consumption. Some throw away all yogurts, eggs and other food products as soon as they
expired date, or even a day before for the most fearful, when others do not hesitate to eat yoghurts expired for a week or cereals whose date has passed for more than six months, relying on their common sense and the taste of the expired product that they have in their hands. A way for them to avoid filling their trash can of products still good to eat and thus to save money while making a good gesture for the

Is this your case? How do you manage the contents of your cupboards and your fridge? Do you know the difference between the expiry date and the optimal use-by date (or the word "best before end")? What types of products that are outdated are you not afraid of eating? Fresh products or only dry products like pasta or flour? Tell us.

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