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Franz Dinghofer had been a "forgotten founder of the Republic", "Patriot" and "Democrat". Thus the FPÖ beautifies an anti-Semite and Nazi in an ORF portrait. Critics accuse the station of historical falsification.

For history-conscious Austria, ORF III broadcasts a series of docu-ments titled "Master Builders of the Republic". Presented here are the most important politicians of the 1918 proclaimed first and since 1945 existing Second Republic. Bruno Kreisky was there under the title "A Life for Social Democracy," or Kurt Waldheim ("The Lonely President"), who had brought the country a debate on the Nazi past. As an outstanding designer from the interwar years, a man named Franz Dinghofer was portrayed in February: "The Forgotten Republic Founder". Obviously, it was also forgotten that Dinghofer was not only a bad anti-Semite, but also a Nazi. And this raises the question of what influence the ruling party FPÖ has on the program of the public ORF.

This question was raised on Thursday at a meeting of the ORF audience council by Willi Mernyi. He is chairman of the Mauthausen Committee Austria, which wants to keep alive the memory of the Nazi atrocities. And he had a lot of trouble in the show on Dinghofer.

Journalism Political move or quirky coincidence?

Political move or quirky coincidence?

Two high-ranking editors leave their posts for the Austrian papers Kronen Zeitung and Kurier. They were known to criticize the government.By Oliver The Gupta

After all, the Deutschnationale, who died in 1956, was not really forgotten, in spite of his rather inconspicuous political career, simply because the FPÖ always honored him. Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache is therefore also extensively to word in this documentary, in which Dinghofer is praised as a "patriot" and "Democrat". His documented anti-Semitism is played down as a zeitgeist, in addition he is portrayed as a victim of the Nazi era: expropriated, forcibly retired and "in internal emigration".

As a result of a brief research at the Federal Archives in Berlin Mernyi presented now, however, Dinghofer NSDAP membership card, he was party member since July 1, 1940 under the PG number 8450902. "As far as we know, Franz Dinghofer has committed no crime, but he has a criminal regime supports, "says Mernyi. He accuses the ORF of "falsification of history" – and suspects behind it a political game.

In this picture fits also that a report of the Salzburg News According to the broadcast of a documentary on fraternity has been postponed several times. On request, the ORF rejected such allegations. Of course there was no political influence in the Dinghofer documentary, and the contribution of the fraternity was also sent "of course". Only the definition of the transmission slot is not yet completed.

For Mernyi, however, at least in the case of the Dinghofer documentary the suspicion of a "knee-joint" in front of the FPÖ is obvious. Strache and former ORF general director Alexander Wrabetz, who is fighting for his future in the upcoming reorganization of the station, also had a joint premiere on February 18th. Strache knows otherwise little good to ORF and its "compulsory charges" to say. Here, however, he praised the station, which "in the truest sense of the word the public law mission justice" with this article.

Freedom of the press in Austria

"Targeted expansion of the combat zone"

After attacks by an FPÖ politician, several editors-in-chief in Austria are asking themselves, "Are we seriously looking forward to conditions like those in Poland or Hungary?" Some fear editorial searches.By Peter Münch


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