Ebola virus: outbreak symptoms most likely in Paris and Brussels

Ebola is a viral disease that can be fatal if left untreated, the NHS stated.

The Ebola virus, which was introduced into the man through close contact.

The common symptoms of Ebola include very high fever, fatigue, muscle aches and headaches. It can lead to impairment of liver function, bleeding and diarrhea.

After a man in Sweden was last week, the most important outbreak of Ebola was revealed.

Dr and Gordon Woo, Paris and Brussels are more likely to report a case of the Ebola virus.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Ebola, this has caused more than 360 deaths.

It is currently very small and does not need specific health measures, he said.

"There is a small risk that the Ebola epidemic in the DRC will spread to Europe through infected passengers," Woo told Express.co.uk.

"With their close ties to the DRC, the European capitals most likely to report a case would be Brussels and Paris.

Surveillance on Ebola will intensify in the United Kingdom.

"In the meantime, the evolution of the Ebola epidemic needs to be monitored closely, but at present it is not necessary to take specific health measures in the UK."

The Ebola patient is negative and the man does not have the deadly virus.

Ebola symptoms, including vomiting of blood.

Meanwhile, the Ebola outbreak in the DRC is tenth since 1976, but the first time it has spread to the northeast, Woo said.

If you think you have the Ebola virus, you should call NHS 111 or contact your doctor as soon as possible, the national health service said.

It is very unlikely that you have Ebola, especially cholera or malaria, especially if you are traveling.

The virus spreads by directly touching the body of the person who has symptoms.

Ebola virus, you should always wash your hands to avoid the infection.

Similarly, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before eating them and avoid handling dead animals or their raw meat.