EIL: Nord Stream 2: France and Germany reach a compromise

The countries have prepared a new proposal to revise the European directive – and settled their dispute.

Germany and France have settled their dispute over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Berlin and Paris presented a proposal agreed with the European Commission on Friday.

One of the proposals is that the responsibility for pipelines with third countries, such as Russia, lies with the EU country, where the pipeline first meets the European network. With the new proposal, the pipeline project, which had been on the verge of a backslide of the French, but still has a chance of implementation. On Friday, the EU states want to vote on the corresponding directive.

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Energy And suddenly France is against the planned pipeline

And suddenly France is against the planned pipeline

Paris is surprisingly against the project forced by Germany. And justifies his decision with the relationship between Europe and Russia.By Leo Klimm, Paris, and Alexander Mühlauer, Brussels

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