Election officials in Kansas investigating texts that claim to be from Trump - The Hill

Election officials in Kansas investigate texts that are claimed to be there President TrumpDonald John Trump Melania Trump seems to remind the president to make an opioid bill before he leaves the room Sarah Sanders responds to the criticism from the CNN chief after the frightened fright: "You chose to attack and share & # 39; Five take-away restaurants from Menendez, the first and only debate of Hugin MORE sent to Kansas voters this week, reported.

A few texts sent to mobile phones in Kansas reminds people that they "vote for President Trump's allies."

The first text reads: "Your absentee mood is ready, do not forget to vote for President Trump's allies." The follow-up message says, "This is President Trump, your early vote is NOT included on the Kansas list, I want you to vote GOP."

The message then encourages the recipient to "confirm your polling place", and refers to a GOP voter registration page paid by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

State elections Director Bryan Caskey told the AP that the office of the Secretary of State received between 50 and 60 calls from relevant voters in response to the texts.

The ordeal has prompted Democrats to renew requests to Foreign Minister Kris Kobach (R) to abandon elections in November, the AP reported.

Kobach, a staunch ally of Trump, runs for a governor in a tight race against the Senate of the Democratic Senate, Laura Kelly.

The spokesman of the state secretary, Danedri Herbert, told the AP that Kobach does not intend to resign.

Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley (D) and Kansas House Minority Leader Jim Ward (D) said at a press conference that they are worried that the texts will confuse voters.

They sent an open registration request to Kobach on Thursday and asked him to convert all contacts between himself, his employees and provincial election officials since August.

We do not try to cause chaos, we try to make sure they know we're watching and do not let them steal an election, okay? & # 39; Ward said. "This is an incredibly close election and any mistake or action that reduces or suppresses the vote can turn an election."

Kansas Republican party chairman Kelly Arnold told the AP that he believes the Republican National Committee (RNC) has sent the texts as part of an attempt to vote.

The RNC did not respond immediately to The Hill's request for comment.