Elections in the DRC, yellow vests, Barbarin lawsuit: the most important news of this Thursday

DRC. The Democratic Republic of Congo seems to start a historic alternation with the announcement on Wednesday night from Thursday to Thursday of the victory in the presidential election of an opponent, Felix Tshisekedi, but immediately fought by a party of the opposition and by the church, and already marked by blood. After the first democratic transition since the independence of the country in 1960, the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) said Felix Tshisekedi, 55, winner of the presidential election with 38.57% of the vote, for the other head of the split opposition, Martin Fayulu (34.8%) according to preliminary results. In Kikwit (in the west), two policemen and two civilians died in the crackdown on the results.

Venezuela. South American President Nicolas Maduro was sworn in on Thursday for a second six-year term, disputed by the opposition and part of the international community. Chavez's successor received the presidential sash from the hands of the Supreme Court president (TSJ) during a ceremony in which the European Union and many Latin American countries were not represented. The United States has announced that they do not recognize the legitimacy of the newly re-elected Venezuelan president, and the Organization of American States (OAS) has adopted a resolution on Thursday calling for the second term & illegitimate & # 39; explain.

Yellow cardigans. The upcoming launch of the big national debate does not change anything: the yellow vests prepare new rallies in France on Saturday and seem to concentrate between Paris, violent theaters last Saturday and an unusual place, Bourges.

Boxer. The former boxer yellow cardigan Christophe Dettinger was locked in anticipation of his trial, returned to February 13. A few days after the broadcast of photos in which he struck two gendarmes in Paris during "Act VIII" of the yellow vests, Christophe Dettinger appeared late Wednesday in the evening before the 23rd chamber of the Criminal Court of Paris. His lawsuit was postponed until 13 February.

Barbarin. The Correctional Court in Lyon took a decision in the trial against Cardinal Barbarin on 7 March and five former members of the Diocese of Lyon, announced Thursday President Brigitte Vernay.

Brétigny. The investigating magistrates in charge of investigating the Brétigny-sur-Orge (Essonne) railway disaster that left seven dead and dozens of injured in December 2013, accused an SNCF employee of murder and unintentional injuries. . This is the first time that a natural person is prosecuted in this case.

Toulouse. A fire caused 20 injuries, including one serious, on the night from Wednesday to Thursday, in an old building in the center of Toulouse, a building "not worried by a procedure of disobedience or danger" according to the prefecture, even if residents describe a poorly maintained building.

Education. The Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, confirmed Thursday that he was thinking about making the parents "complicit in a violent development" of their children in the context of the plan against violence in school that will be presented at the end of January.

Housing. The Action Housing parity (formerly 1% Housing) will invest 9 billion euros as part of a plan "What a concrete answer is to the purchasing power demand for the most modest employees", Thursday announced his president, Bruno Arcadipane.

Climate. More than two million people filed a petition in less than a month to file recourse against the state for climate-action action, Thursday announced the four NGOs behind the initiative.