Elysium. The conversion of Alexandre Benalla into gold

Having left Élysée had a profit for the former mission official: to double his salary. According to the facts that could consult the humanity, confirming the information of the chained duck, Alexandre Benalla, fired on August 1, 2018, has only experienced a crossing of the sandbox before bouncing. Starting from 1 November 2018, he declared 12.988 euros gross, for … 35 hours of work. For the month of December, it is less profitable; 10,000 euros gross, for 120 hours of work. On 5 November, the declaration before recruitment comes from France Close Protection, a company created fifteen days before, revealed the Mediapart website.

At this point in history, a detour is necessary: ​​France Close Protection would be according to the information site the false nose that allows the execution not of a contract of protection of property and persons, but of two, for a total of 2.2 million euros, the site said yesterday. The contract of the oligarch Iskander Makhmudov, suspected of links with the mafia. Then, "while he was traveling the world with his diplomatic passports, Alexandre Benalla also contracted a second security contract in December 2018 with another Russian oligarch close to Putin, Farkhad Akhmedov, for a total of 980 000 euros".

The project to establish a more discreet financial agreement

If Benalla is free to convert into a sector that knows, what concerns justice is Makhmudov's contract. According to Mediapart, "while working at Eliseo, where he had the title of" secret defense ", Alexander Benalla personally negotiated from the beginning to the end" this security agreement with the oligarch close to Vladimir Putin. "The negotiations, which began at the beginning of 2018, took place in a bar near the Eliseo, but also in the premises of the ruling party, the Republic in movement (LaREM)," said the site.

An investigation of the national financial prosecutor's office was opened for "corruption" and concerns the contract signed between Mars, the company of Vincent Crase – former employee of LaREM and Reservist Constable – and the Russian oligarch Iskander Makhmudov. On January 21, Vincent Crase asserted under oath that the Senate had worked for this Russian oligarch once he had left Elisha, and without the help of Alexander Benalla. This contract was evoked in a conversation between Benalla and Crase registered on 26 July and the extracts of which were published on January 31 by Mediapart. The two men, violating the ban on meeting, have plans to establish a new, more discreet financial package. This will happen with the creation, in October 2018, of France Close Protection. Domiciled in the same address as Mars, the company Crase, which had initially subcontracted to the company Velours, a former employer of Alexandre Benalla between the period of October 2014 and November 2015. The company divided a statement issued last Friday, to be considered "betrayed". According to the entourage of the company listed by AFP, Alexandre Benalla played well the role of intermediary for this subcontracting contract for the protection of billionaire Makhmudov. "You can imagine possible contractual overloads that can hide more than safety benefits," suggested AFP Fabrice Arfi, co-head of the Mediapart investigation.

According to Velours, Vincent Crase also imposed on the five employees responsible for protecting the billionaire, including Chokri Wakrim, an active sergeant in chief, a companion of the head of the Prime Minister's security group, Marie-Élodie Poitout. . On Thursday, he was suspended by the Ministry of the Armed Forces and his companion, trapped in the tumult of this activity that never stops bouncing, resigned to Matignon's duties. The five collaborators "lied all writing fakes," assures the company's entourage, when they signed their contracts with Velours, saying "do not be connected to other employers". In the Benalla folder, the umbrellas open, it's seasonal.

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