Emily Thornberry's PMQ's zingers are true - and unmask Tories & # 39; sinking Brexit & # 39; - Kevin Maguire


Emily Thornberry was on fire with a few zingers when she hired Jeremy Corbyn at the Prime Minister's questions with May away and David Lidington on her heels.

The secretary of the Labor Shadow who digs that Lidington is described as the effective assistant officer of May, is the only time we & # 39; effectively & # 39; and & # 39; premier & # 39; to speak in the same sentence because it is true.

Likewise, Thornberry warned that the government's sinking Brexit policy was running into England in the Niagra river as the stream passed us over the falls.

Emily Thornberry was on fire with a few zingers

To anyone's surprise, she did not receive a date from Lidington for the next big vote in Parliament when the clock taps to 29 March or a commitment by a Cabinet Secretary in favor of a Customs Union a promise to join a May prisoner of Tory headbangers is too weak to do what she knows is right.

Nobody at PMQ's threw Donald Tusk's remark about a special place in hell for Brexiters who lied to make a referendum decision without making plans for the future.

The devil has to put coal on the fire, ready for Johnson, Farage, Gove and the other charlatans.

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