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  • In the Australian state of Queensland drivers are allowed to pack emojis on their license plate.
  • But only happy versions are allowed.
  • Lawyers are worried about ambiguity, for example, how to write down a license plate in an accident.

That cars are far more than pure means of transport, should probably be clear to everyone who has ever pushed through the rush hour traffic, accompanied by the sonorous bubbling of an edgy sports car, whose driver has spent a lot of money for a lot of horsepower, at the end but it will not get to its destination any faster than you.

The owner may not care, just as a Harley driver does not care about hearing problems and even a tense parking lot does not prevent hip residents of downtown areas from buying a bulky Land Rover SUV. It's not about getting from A to B. It's about the message, the message you send in traffic with a vehicle. And if you can then emphasize it with a relevant number plate, so much the better.

Emoji We need an emoji handwriting

We need an emoji handwriting

Emoji is the fastest growing language in the world. They make news short, fast and funny. But only in the net. How to write with paper and pen 😂, 👍, 🙈?

German motorists are not uncreative here: On the highway, it may be that a black SUV with darkened windows and the Berlin license plate "B-AD" completely unsolicited clears the track. With the driver from the Aachen region with the license plate "AC-DC" one knows with almost certainty, what just roars through the plant and if the "M-AX" from Munich the Bambergerin with the registration "BA-BY" on the highway encountered, you would like to know if seductive glances fell. In short: a lot is possible, but not much, because in the end the place of residence in Germany limits the imagination a lot. Those who feel "SE-XY" outside Bad Segeberg have to see how he brings this message to the streets.

For a long time there have been signs with logos of rugby clubs and even animals

Elsewhere, registration agencies offer more service. In Finland, Belgium and many other countries you can freely choose the number plate combination or you can do without numbers. In the US and Australia, motorists can then buy specially designed license plates. In addition to letters and numbers, for example, sunsets or animals can be seen on them. There are signs with the logos of rugby clubs, and in the Australian state of Queensland, drivers now have another option. You can pack emojis on your desired license plate.

From March 1 motorists will be able to choose between five emojis via the "Personalized Queensland" company, which will then be printed on the license plate together with two numbers and three letters: winker smiley, sunglasses smiley, sweetie smiley, "Laughing Out Loud "Smiley and smiley smiley.

Worldwide, says the company, the offer is so far unique. The reactions are mixed, however: On the company's Facebook page it rained heart-emojis, at the same time there is also criticism. Some do not go far enough. They want bad emojis as well as the symbol of the eggplant, which, though its shape is usually not only for the vegetables, but also, well, for the male sex organ. This is quite clear in purely communicative terms, but lawyers are worried about ambiguity: "How do you write down a license plate with an emoji in an accident?" Bill Potts, President of the Queensland Law Society, recently asked in the Brisbane Times,

Apart from such questions, the license plates cost up to 300 euros. Part of the money comes after all, the State Transport Authority of Queensland benefits, which puts the money in the development of road safety. To say it with emojis: thumbs up!

Life and Society One language for all

One language for all

Emojis seemed childish for a long time. Today they are understood all over the world – and also taken seriously by linguists and judges. What do the little colorful signs tell about our communication?By Georg Cadeggianini and Dirk von Gehlen


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