Eric Sadin in six dates

1999. Creation of the magazine Schools / artdedicated to art and new technologies.

2009. Publication of Global Surveillance – Survey of New Forms of Control (Climats / Flammarion), in which he investigates the generalization of systems that use personal data.

2011. Publication of The Society of Anticipation (Inculte, 2011).

2013. Release, editions of L & # 39; échappée, out Increased Humanity – The Digital Administration of the World, followed in 2015 by Algorithmic Life – Critique of Numerical Reason (The escape).

2016. in Silicolonization of the world – The irresistible extension of digital liberalism (Escapement), he develops a thesis according to which the digital giants installed in California impose their vision on the world at the same time as their products and software.

2018. Publication of Artificial intelligence or the ring of the century – Anatomy of a radical antihumanism (The escape).