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The duo S! Sters drives for Germany to ESC to Tel Aviv – and there will probably be no chance. Because the ARD has talented artists equipped with songs that at best enough for a place in the back third.

At the end, two young women jiggle around the stage and briefly lose their orientation. It is Carlotta and Laurita who have won the preliminary vote for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) under the name S! Sters and now do not know where to go with their joy. The recently ragged duo travel to Tel Aviv to represent Germany in the ESC final on May 18th. This overpowering of the two is the one beautiful moment on a long, barren evening. For a moment you can even forget that her song "Sister" is not a compositional masterpiece, rather a half-baked affair that does not really make the talent of the two singers shine.

Maybe someone has decided on the ARD, that you want to let the fourth place of Michael Schulte at the ESC 2018 necessarily linger for a while. Or they have agreed not to send a really strong song to Israel and thus avert the danger that Germany may be chosen as the winner in May and in 2020 must host the ESC in their own country – which, as is well known, costs a murderer's money. In order to save exactly this expenditure, one resorted to a simple measure and equipped the quite talented candidates all with songs, which are suitable in the final at most for a placement in the back third. So just the area in which the German contributions in the time before Michael Schulte had long been established.

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This is of course only a conspiracy theory, but if you have survived such an evening, you wonder, what has the organizers ridden, this many talent that knows how to convince in lovingly designed Einspielfilmen, with rather unimportant titles from the 08/15 Equipment and to rust live on stage in village disco appearance. They've organized a songwriting camp, which is why most songs have four or more names on the creator list. But what will be served as a result on this Friday night may fit too much, but not to the experienced performers who deserve better. The S! Sters have caught one of the better titles.

Why not send Barbara Schöneberger to Tel Aviv?

If you ask yourself what will be remembered in a few months from this preliminary decision, then the answer is clear: Barbara Schöneberger, this high-priced natural wonder that could also hochmoderieren the filling of a milk can for an event. Why do not you send them to Tel Aviv? She could stand there on stage and just let go of her muzzle. She might do better than the Sisters.

She knows how to do shows, how to present loudly, and she even knows that Linda Zervakis has given her a completely redundant apprentice. Which again raises the question, why daily NewsSpokeswoman not easy daily NewsSpokespersons can stay. But the Schöneberger puts away so easily. She is at home on stage.

In contrast to some candidates, who do not seem to know quite well on the light-flooded area, where to go. This beats the vote here and there and spoils the already thin performance. Others have to struggle with the classic ESC dramaturgy, which consists of a soft, sung to piano accompaniment intro, which is then slowly louder and eventually flooded by inflowing sideways bombastic elements. As dull as predictable.

Also visually this is not very first cream. The director has no good on this day. Again and again she allows the cameras to look obliquely across the stage at the side ranks that look like a multi-purpose hall. There may still be so much playing on the stage with light and a bit of glitter, the whole thing has an equity that is not worthy of a show that sees itself as a prelude to the world's biggest music event. Clearly was saved here at the wrong end.

After all, a nice, a touching moment

Most of the money was probably spent on the many judges, the 20-member expert jury and the 100-strong ESC enthusiast jury. And of course, for the songwriting camp, although its result suggests that given the meager song yield in court, you would have a good chance of reclaiming your money.

At least the three different juries provide for a halfway exciting final analysis. It's a little bit upside down, because the jury of experts, the jury of enthusiasts and the viewers voting by phone come to different conclusions. This also explains that the two Sisters do not even want to admit their victory. It takes a while to figure out what's going on. Accordingly, they stumble more in the repetition of their song than that they perform it. After all, that's a nice, a touching moment.

For the rest, the old master Udo Lindenberg, who is engaged as a break clown, decides the right attitude to this preliminary decision. Shortly before the count he sings "I am the king of Scheissegalien" and makes it clear how best to inhale the whole thing.

Udo Lindenberg in an interview

"German is such a great language"

Udo Lindenberg about love, friendship, what he likes about Germany and why he would never compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.Interview by Harald Hordych


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