European elections 2019: attack on Europe

2019 comes the European elections. How does the EU escape the logic of migration opponents in member states? What would a sensible strategy look like to prevent the campaign and election results from being dominated by xenophobia, anti-refugee policies and populism? Such questions are being dealt with by Gerald Knaus, Head of the Think Tank European Stability Initiative.

In August 2018 met
the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Italian
Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini
in Milan. you announced in the
European election campaign 2019
to proceed together. Their goal: a political overthrow in
Europe, Their strategy: to make the choice to make a plebiscite on migration, too
a vote on the inability of European elites to mass immigration
and stop Islamization.

Your identified main opponent: French President
Emmanuel Macron
, Orbán and Salvini announced that they would sweep away the "elites in Brussels" in 2019
to want to fundamentally change Europe. Possible
Infringement procedures, for example, the rule of law in
Member States such as Poland or Hungary to protect it with the next one
Commission then no longer give. In the refugee policy, the whole
Orient the EU towards Hungary. Orbán's announcement in September 2015 that the
"Age of Universal Human Rights" is now over, should also be in
foreign policy of the Union. Putin should be happy. Le Pen

European elections are often national
Protest elections. Voter turnout is low: fewer than 43 participated in 2014
Percent of eligible voters, in the Czech Republic 18, in Slovakia 12
Percent. The winner is those who mobilize voters, and Orbán and Salvini understand that
some. One is the longest-serving head of government in the EU after
Angela Merkel. The other is head of a party, which he won by 6 percent in the European elections
In power in 2014 and made it the strongest party in Italy (in polls currently 33
Percent). There are reasons to suggest that Orbán and Salvini make a coup
could succeed.

"Islamic-African mass invasion"

The greatest strength of Orbán
and Salvinis is her ability to tell a gripping story. It is about the survival of European civilization in the face of one
Islamic-African mass invasion, with traitors,
Pull-strings and brave heroes. It is a thrill that has already helped Donald Trump win his election: here the hypocritically weak, there the
determined responsible politicians. Weak are all those who allowed,
that since 2014, millions of migrants have crossed Europe's borders.

were the political groups in the current European Parliament who spent years on the
ultimately failed to redistribute asylum seekers. Weak are those
Governments of those countries – Greece, Spain, France – the Orbán and
Salvini criticize and at the same time remain unable to make citizens more irregular
To protect migration. Hypocrites are all those who Orbán and Salvini for
Measures – the Hungarian fence, the closure of Italian ports for
Rescue ships – criticized, only to later have to admit that this is without alternative

Weak are also those who speak of human rights, but ultimately secretly like
do the same thing that Orbán and Salvini openly propagate. That is how the pro-European policy of the
according to Salvini, in the French-Italian land border with police violence
Migrants without procedure after Italy repel. That Salvini everything
undertakes to seek asylum by worsening conditions in Italy
To give reasons to move on to France is Machiavellian
Power politics: It helps Salvini and his allies Le Pen at the same time.

The message out
Budapest and Rome are good to communicate because the numbers for Orbán
and Salvini seem to speak. There are hardly any asylum seekers coming to Hungary, less so
it was 200 in the past six months. Today, hardly any migrants from North Africa come to Italy. France
however, is facing record historical asylum claims, more than 2015. And
over 62,000 people came to Spain in 2018 by boat, an unprecedented one