European elections: Greens want to punish infringements by EU members

The Greens want to fight for cuts in EU subsidies if a Member State violates Community law. "The common law of the EU is not negotiable, not in Budapest, not in Warsaw and not in Vienna," said Green Party leader Annalena Baerbock to kick off the party congress on the European elections in Leipzig. "The consequences must be felt, even with the money."
            Among other things, Hungary and Poland are in the criticism. For example, the Polish government is rebuilding the country's judiciary, which is considered an interference with the independence of case law. The European Court of Justice has already issued an injunction against judicial reform.
            Baerbock pleaded for a strengthening of the European Union. Germany must be prepared to transfer more money than before to Brussels: "We need more Europe and there is no such thing in vain." Particularly important for the EU is the restraint of the financial market: "He – the rampant financial market – was the father of all problems of recent years."
            The Greens leader also swore the 800 delegates on a determined fight against right-wing populism. "This Europe, which is in deep crisis, as we see in Brexit, we see it everywhere where right-wing extremists and right-wing populists come to power, but we see that and above all the impotence of national governments, the merely managing the status quo in Europe rather than changing it, "said Baerbock. Politics in the lowest common denominator sharpen the crisis. It is therefore necessary: ​​"We take responsibility and found the European house new, ecological, democratic and social."
            "The Toxic in the Asylum Debate" In refugee policy, Baerbock called for cooperation between states that want to reform the European asylum system. "Anyone who thinks that humanity and orderly refugee policy did not go together, because not everyone participates, knows Europe really bad," she said. The euro or the Schengen system, there was only because some had preceded. It needs legal escape routes, registration of refugees at the EU border and a fair distribution to the countries.
            Since not all nation states took part, it was important to promote local communities in a targeted way if they were to take on people. "There are many local communities that do not follow what their national governments say," said Baerbock. It was time to see the people and their destinies in the asylum debate again: "The toxic aspect of the asylum debate is that people become masses." Must be seen the individual fates.
            The focus of the congress will be on the election of the top candidates for the European elections next May. The MEPs Ska Keller and Sven Giegold will apply. The 850 delegates must also pass the election program. The draft of the Federal Executive Board envisages a stronger networking of the European power grid. To reduce plastic waste, the Greens want to introduce a European plastic tax and prescribe reusable quotas.
                Engaging in East Germany Green Party leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt called on her party in Leipzig to be more involved in East Germany and to meet people on equal terms. "In this country is not really state without the experience of the people in East Germany, and I beg you, go, do not talk from above, but join in and help," said the Thuringian. If the Greens wanted to be a truly all-German party, they would have to go "where we are only a few." There they could learn from those who have experienced upheaval.
            In the fall of 2019, the state parliaments will be newly elected in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia. The Greens have done worse in the East in elections than in the West. In a survey in Thuringia, however, the state party now came to a strong twelve percent – so that the Greens would more than double their result of the 2014 state election.