Executive. The Benalla case dates back to Matignon

The summer affair continues, while the summer is over … Now it passes to Matignon, whose divisional commissioner in charge of security has been listened to by the investigators. Marie-Élodie Poitout, head of the Prime Minister's security group (GSPM), was heard on Tuesday in the investigation of the registration conditions of a controversial conversation between Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase, broadcast by Mediapart. The former mission officer of Eliseo and the former employee of the Republic of March no longer had the right to meet after their indictment on 22 July 2018 for the violence of 1 May. After the transmission of these recordings, on January 31, the Prime Minister's office was questioned by journalists who attempted to establish a connection between the leader of the GSPM, his spouse and the violation of the judicial control of the lords. Benalla and Crase, explained Matignon's services. According to the Parisian, the police commissioner denied having made these records. He admitted to having seen Alexander Benalla at home "without being able to specify the day", in the presence of his companion. According to Libération, it is 34-year-old Chokri Wakrim, whom the newspaper describes as "an opaque soldier." According to our information, he is involved in a security contract with the Russian oligarch Iskander Makhmudov. signed a contract with this closure of Putin to ensure his safety, while Benalla was still working at the Elisha.This mixture of genres, the implications at the highest level of the state, the presidency and the prime minister, make pressing a & # 39. public expression of the Head of State, walled in silence, and dissuading his majority from mentioning the matter.

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