Exhaust scandal: Consumer advocates announce lawsuit against VW

Exhaust scandal: Consumer advocates announce lawsuit against VW

                                                                Page 1 – Consumer advocates announce lawsuit against VW

Page 2 – Judge: VW may have informed capital market too late

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The pattern process of investors against Volkswagen because of the
Flue gas scandal has just begun – as the automotive group has to be on
stop the next claim for damages. The Federal Association of
Consumer advocate (vzbv) wants together with the ADAC one
Lead to a declaratory claim for software manipulation of diesel vehicles,
as the vzbv announced. Both organizations want the lawsuit on Wednesday
            With the model declaration action, consumers can become
Combine lawsuits. However, they can not do it themselves
sue but have to submit to the pattern-finding suit of an association
connect. Above all, the grand coalition had this lawsuit in view
on prescription periods introduced in the VW diesel scandal. Claims for damages
of diesel car owners expire at the end of 2018.
            The vzbv wants a compensation for owners of
VW diesel cars rode, whose cars are not as environmentally friendly as the
Factory specified. Over two million car owners are theoretically eligible for this
            Clear criticism of Martin Winterkorn In a first step, the
plaintive association to deal with the cases of ten sufferers and on this
Base a lawsuit. If the court considers the action admissible, it will
made public. Then a complaint register will be opened at the Federal Office of Justice. There must be more affected parties report: within two
Months at least 50 people – 40 in addition to the first 10th Do not come
enough affected persons together, no pattern determination action is possible.
            Only on Monday had before the Higher Regional Court of Brunswick
on Process of shareholders against Volkswagen and the main owner Porsche SE
, This is about the question of whether the car company too late about the exhaust gas manipulation
informed and thus responsible for financial losses of investors
is. The presiding judge Christian Jäde criticized on Tuesday the
Behavior of the former VW boss Martin Winterkorn and did not want
exclude that VW the capital market too late about the manipulations
could have informed.
            Winterkorn did not adequately explain the facts
and informed, after being at the so-called damage table appointment in July 2015 of the technical changes
learned about exhaust manipulation in the US, said Jäde. At a
"honest actor" would be assumed that he was the information
would have followed. "That did not happen, though," said
the judge.